[WTS] MSX2+ Sanyo Wavy PHC-70FD

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17-11-2020, 20:28

I'm selling the MSX2+ computer Sanyo Wavy PHC-70FD:
- internal memory upgraded to 512K
- PSU converted to 230V input
- floppy drive replaced with PC one, which makes eject button not fit well, looks weird when the disk is inserted, otherwise works well as it should
- it is missing the plastic support part in cartridges area, so i have removed the lids because i was afraid that lids can squash out and metal springs will fall to pcb - so the lids are included but not installed (only plastic support which should be put between lids and PCB is missing)

Additionally will add (for free as a bonus if you want) - USB floppy drive supporting 720K (this one is not compatible with Rookie drive, sorry, but it is useful for dumping disk on PC and using on Sanyo) and the Philips joystick, working

Some photos:

If you want more photos/closeups - let me know

Price - 270EUR + shipping

Drop me an email to

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