[WTS] SpectraVideo SV-1400 and Altai Data Recorders

By sdsnatcher73

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09-01-2021, 20:48

For sale two nice data recorders, both will come with an MSX data cable.

  1. SpectraVideo SV-1400 / SciSys DR-84 data recorder, Price €30
  2. Altai Data Recorder, Price €30

If you are interested please contact me by e-mail. The address is on my profile page.

SV-1400 Operational but fast forward does not work, I suspect one belt needs replacing. Rewind and play are working fine:

Altai Data Recorder, fully operational:

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By hamlet

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11-01-2021, 18:33

Haha, the SV-1400 was part of the battery lid quiz. Very nice recorder when you own different computer. Wink

By sdsnatcher73

Paragon (1975)

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16-01-2021, 10:20

Altai Data Recorder is sold.