[WTS] Super Pink Sox 3 and Dragon City, and interesting Pink Sox info

By Takamichi

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20-06-2019, 13:19

Super Pink Sox 3 for 7000 JPY pic Disks are working. Weighs 450 gram.
Dragon City for 2800 JPY pic I couldn't test the disks because my A: drive is dead and this game doesn't boot from B:, but they were working before. Part of the package is fragmented. Weighs 320 gram.

I know they have been dumped and the prices are high but they are the prices offered by another buyer. Plz message me if you are interested. Shipping table is here, plz take into account the weight of the packing materials. I'll wait until 9 am Tuesday Jun 24 JST .

Btw I found someone in France selling Pink Sox Best Characters laser disc on ebay. Anyone interested? There's also a VHS on Yahoo Auction. It's supposed to be a collection of graphics + extras. Disadvantage is it's probably only 30 minutes long...

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