blueMSX joypad button mapping

By Samor

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18-10-2006, 10:58

2 questions about bluemsx' joypad button mapping

1) aren't the buttons swapped? when I map the buttons (using that little picture of panasonic joypads), after mapping button B is the fire button in nemesis and button A is the powerup button.... I'm pretty sure it should be the other way round?

2) is there a way to set additional buttons as auto fire?

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By dvik

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18-10-2006, 21:58

1) Funny, I need to check it out. I'm surprised that noone has reported it though.

2) Unfortunately not yet. We have a feature request on it but we haven't had time to implement it yet. I've heard two options. One is a toggle button to turn on/off auto fire. The other is to use an analogue slider on the joypad to get variable speed on the autofire. I guess both options could be implemented.

By Samor

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18-10-2006, 23:35

about the auto fire... you could also map autofire buttons to different ones...most pc joypads have 4 face buttons so 2 buttons could be used for regular play and 2 for autofire.
That said, my real MSX joypads have autofire that's kinda like you mentioned (I don't have the Panasonic ones, but some pads from a brand called "Needs" ).