fMSX for Android released

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By TomH

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12-12-2017, 22:29

Having had a quick look, it's not entirely clear to me where the rights are likely currently to reside — but I think that's somewhat off-topic for the fMSX announcement thread so I'll pick that up elsewhere if necessary. Thanks to Grauw and mars2000you for resolving the immediate query: my understanding is that probably distribution with fMSX and some other emulators is a (very, very low) calculated risk.

By fms

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13-12-2017, 15:55

Hello, All!

fMSX 5.2 for Android is now online in the Google Play and Aptoide: -- free version -- full version -- on Aptoide -- in Opera Store

For this release, I have switched to the latest Android SDK and fixed gamepad operation on AndroidTV devices. Apparently, latest AndroidTV builds started introducing something called "virtual-search" input device, that is not a real gamepad but gets detected as such. I am now skipping that device when detecting gamepads. See below for all the changes.

* Released free fMSX 5.2 for Windows and Linux.
* Switched to the latest android-27 SDK.
* Now using Android build tools version 27.0.2.
* Fixed gamepad on Nvidia ShieldTV and other AndroidTV devices.
* Any input devices named as "virtual-*" are now ignored.
* Any virtual (android-16) and disabled (android-27) devices are ignored.

Have fun!

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