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By Manuel

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25-04-2007, 08:48

It's one of the reasons why it would be nice if someone would port one of those 2 emulators in stead of fMSX all the time.

By cax

Prophet (3737)

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25-04-2007, 10:33

manuel, can you promise bluemsx or openmsx will run fluently on 100 MHz ARM as found in multimedia devices and mobile phones ?

By jr

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25-04-2007, 11:43

The issue in porting openMSX to "small" environments is that it requires quite heavy libraries to be included (or even ported) in order to work. With heavy here meaning either CPU loading, code size or RAM usage. When the environment has limitations on one or more of these, porting openMSX quickly becomes tricky. Just my opinion of course Wink

I don't know if the same applies to blueMSX as well...

By Manuel

Ascended (18791)

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25-04-2007, 22:13

cax - I can't promise anything. But if you make some simplifications (at the cost of accuracy), it will probably run on 100MHz ARM as well. We've already seen it run unmodified on a 200MHz ARM at about 100% speed (on karloch's HP Jornada).

jr - Which libraries are heavy? SDL?
A lot can be done to make them smaller, if you compile them yourself, customized for openMSX on your platform. We do the same for the OS X build, by the way. The libraries we use are very portable, at least CPU architecture wise. I don't know if they have been ported to the more obscure telephone operating systems. If they're reasonably POSIX compliant, it's probably not hard to port them.

By Manuel

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25-04-2007, 23:04

Checking some libs as they are in package form installed on Debian ARM (this is including documentation and other files):
- zlib: 168kB (small and not much room to decrease, but probably much software uses it on small platforms)
- libtcl8.4: 3124kB (ok, that's pretty big, I'm not sure if there can be optimized a lot. However, the shared object itself is only 704kB on x86)
- libxml2: 1420kB (also rather big, the shared object is 1.1MB on x86. Maybe it can be recompiled with -Os? Or maybe some parts can be left out? Not sure.)
- libsdl1.2 (with ALSA): 468kB (You need another sound option if your target OS is not Linux, of course.)
- libsdl1.2_image: 63kB (this is with all supported image formats, we only need PNG)
- libpng: 344kB (but the shared object on x86 is only 135kB)

This is of course only the library size, not the memory or CPU usage. I don't think those libs are particularly heavy CPU users. I don't know about memory usage, though.

By Warchild

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28-04-2007, 00:53

Hello! I was testing this emulator (carrying a lot of msx games with my psp sounds really good!Big smile )but I had a problem while playing. I played a few roms and then, when I wanted to change the game again, the emulator displayed an error message every time I tried to load a rom file. I was playing and loading roms with no problem since that. Last rom played was Hydlide 3, and from there all I've got is an error loading rom file. I proved roms that I played before and didn't work too. Is there any solution for that or do I have to delete the fmsx-psp files and save them again to the memory stick? The roms where in zip files but just a rom file in each zip file, so that couldn't be the problem, and I say, roms that worked ok before don't work now...

Thank you.

By dvik

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28-04-2007, 07:35

I don't know if the same applies to blueMSX as well...

No, blueMSX is a lot smaller if you don't want the gui stuff. blueMSX can be compiled and executed like fMSX with command line only. The Windows SDL executable is 700kB but I'm not sure how much of that is SDL and how much is blueMSX code (it includes xml parsers and zlib).

blueMSX also doesn't have any dependencies on SDL or other gui libraries so its about as easy to port as fMSX. I think there are some work for the person doing the first port though but once one port is done I think doing other ports will be quite straight forward.

By eighbits

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28-04-2007, 11:39


There's a glitch in the decompression routine that stops loading after the fifth game or so. Next version should no longer have this problem, sorry Sad

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