Help the openMSX and blueMSX team!

By Vampier

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15-07-2007, 03:06


Behind the scenes the openMSX and blueMSX team are working to provide you (the users) with excellent emulators. In order to serve you guys better we're asking the community for a favor!

We're currently planning link blueMSX and openMSX to several datasources like GenerationMSX/Cheat Database/Rating system etc etc. In order for this we need to indentify the so called finger print of every rom out there. For this we can use so called hashes which are a checksum for the roms.

Currently we have about 2300 roms indexed but there are more out there.

How can you help us?

Step 1 : download a special edition of a program called Strife. @
(right click save-as)

Step 2 : Start strife, a screen like this should come up:

Step 3: Right click on the upper part of the application and a selection window should pop up. Select Add folder.

Select the folder you want to add, don't forget to change the filter to *.rom as shown in the picture.

Next it should calculate all the hashes and it should come back with a window that looks as follows:

We're almost done now!
- Right click and select flag all (click #1)
- Right click again and select EXPORT flagged list (click #2)

save the file in CSV format and send this file to vampiermsx [a]

If you want to be mentioned in the credits for the rom database please also mention this.

Thanks for your time and your support for the emulation community! :)

ps rom images need to be unzipped for this to work.

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By Konamito

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17-07-2007, 11:01

Good idea, I'll make it with my ROM collection Wink

By Konamito

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17-07-2007, 12:51

Vampier, there's an email for you!Wink

By SaebaMSX

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17-07-2007, 16:44

Just a question... is it needed to everybody check their goodmsx folders? Or just check new dumps from our original carts?

By wolf_

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17-07-2007, 17:18

That "rating system", what does it do? Keep track of popularity of a ROM? (e.g. it keeps an eye on how often it's played?)

By Vampier

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20-07-2007, 07:08

I'm working on a few ideas like MAME and also with Generation MSX.

By hap

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20-07-2007, 11:06

You mean making GenMSX similar to MAWS? ( )
Saying MAME instead of MAWS is like saying openMSX instead of GenMSX :P