Konami games: "SCC Version The Snatcher - or SD Snatcher SCC"

By saab_rider

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25-06-2003, 14:06

I was checking some games at "The most complese MSX software list nirvana.usal.es/msx/ and I found a lot of Konami SCC games which were labled "(The Snatcher SCC)" or "(SD Snatcher SCC)". What does that mean? The Snatcher and SD Snatcher are two independent games, what do they have to do with the rest of the SCC versions of Konami games? I got confused, and idea?

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By snout

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25-06-2003, 14:12

These games had a so-called SCC+ soundchip, which was a small improvement of the original SCC cartridge. Channel 4 and 5 are completely separated in the SCC+, while they are linked (same instruments) on an ordinary SCC.

By BiFi

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25-06-2003, 14:21

In addition to snout's post these different versions mean they're adapted to play their sound on a particular cartridge. Note that the SCC+ (Officially it's called the SCC II) has a compatibility mode for SCC. These games are originally made to play with 'The Snatcher SCC' only. In this case a small adaption was made to run the game with 'SD Snatcher SCC' instead.

For emulation (as this post is done in that section) emulators emulating the SCC+ have either support for both 'The Snatcher SCC' and 'SD Snatcher SCC' since the only difference is not in the SCC+ itself, but to the 64 KB RAM which is placed in a different section for each type.