OpenMSX debuger, help needed.


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16-05-2009, 22:36

Can someone tell me, how to see VDP status registers from OpenMSX commandline?

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By wouter_

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16-05-2009, 23:06

Can someone tell me, how to see VDP status registers from OpenMSX commandline?

In the graphical openMSX debugger, the VDP status registers are available as a special view (it shows the current values plus interpretation of the most important bits).

On the openMSX command line there is no specific command for the VDP status registers. But you can use the generic 'debuggable' viewer:

showdebuggable "VDP status regs"

(Or define your own shortcut for it).

debug list

to get a list of all possible debuggables.


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17-05-2009, 01:26

Ok, thanks... I found that with:
showdebuggable "VDP status regs" 0

... I can see them... Now I have much better question:
What is "graphical openMSX debugger" and where I can get it !?!? (Is this same as fudeba debugger, where I managed to find mention, but no pictures or binarys?)

I'm pretty fustrated as I would like to work with my MSX project instead of playing with unlogical command environment. OpenMSX is only emulator that runs my code correctly, but the stone age debugger environment drives me grazy. (Yes, yes, I agree it is much better than nothing, but still...)

BlueMSX debugger would be pretty much all that I need if it just would work... Unfortunately it doesn't (at least in my case)...


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17-05-2009, 10:20

NYYRIKKI you have my full understanding and sympathy
command line in openmsx is terrible for developing and debugging
now a graphical debugger exists!! and it looks like (well almost like) the one in bluemsx!!
It is in the left bar of the web page almost invisible, here the direct link:

I think that the openmsx release web page should give MORE emphasis to it (NONE can see it unless you know it exits) or better you should INCLUDE the debugger with the emulator (as with bluemsx)


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17-05-2009, 11:37

Well now it was easy to find it when I know what I was looking for... Hey this is great!

Maybe it is the colors... Also the names: "SVN snapshot / source code" & "SVN snapshot / Win32" just made me think, that it is something related to debugging problems of OpenMSX it self... or anyway something source code related... Eek!

If the name would something like "MSX debugger beta - Download Win32 binary" maybe I would have understood better. I hope that other users understand these version control terms better than I do. Smile2

By Manuel

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18-05-2009, 19:46

Don't worry, we're planning to make a first release of it soon after the next openMSX release.

It's still far from finished though, but you can help e.g. by giving feedback Smile We did mention it several times here already, by the way.

We recently got the idea (mostly from FRS) that it is already fairly usable, and therefore we want to release it soon, as I just said. If you want to see what feedback FRS already gave us, check the tracker:
Debugger Bugs and Debugger feature requests. Feel free to add items if you are missing stuff or have problems!

By the way NYYRIKKI: that Download box has the same format everywhere: <version> / <platform/type>
As soon as we have a proper release, it will probably look clearer.