OpenMSX Harddisk Emulation

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By ro

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03-06-2004, 13:01

neh Darq, you can pretty much DL it from the sunrise site (the creators/publishers of the rom)

By [D-Tail]

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03-06-2004, 13:09

Well, it seems that :) The Sunrise Website :) is quite down as of late... :(

By DarQ

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03-06-2004, 13:42

ro, its not a problem for me (in person) i'd download and use any copyrighted rom image. but i'd like to add features to my openmsx package, but copyrighted roms with no "free" license are a taboo

By sunrise

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03-06-2004, 14:19

Ro, if you want to change the length of some partitions and want to use fat16 add / fat16 if you use the fdisk.
D-tail your remarks are welcome , however in this case there is available what Ro searches, and the site is a little outdated but there are only a few changes that are worth for an update , such as the increased number of interested for a new moonsound, soon you will see a new game declared freeware from our side, busy with the mapper, worked out some new ideas I am not gonna tell before it is ready.
Rest me to tell that a new serie cf-cartridges will become available and that there is stock of normal ide.
Info enough now !. BTW what about the Bitwise-site also

By Manuel

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03-06-2004, 16:52

Not using DirAsDisk. But fixed it allready.

What was the problem?

mzx3: I'm testing on TurboR with IDE and Audio extention and DOS2.20 (pretty standard?)

Okay, it runs on NON IDE machines.... hmm

edit: Yup, the IDE is what's causing the tilt of mzx3. that sux kinda!

Even with a normal MSX2 and IDE the program doesn't run?
Are you sure it runs anyway with DOS2? Don't need Does it have enough RAM? (With the TurboR that should be OK...)
Are you sure Muzax 3 runs on a real MSX system with IDE?

By snout

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03-06-2004, 16:56

Are you trying to run it from a FAT16 partition?



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03-06-2004, 18:22

you people better teach me how to run openMSX because when I got it to run, it only made a terrible slow galaga.rom performance, what is wrong with that? blueMSX is just fine for me, but it does not run HD option yet, anyone could help?

By ro

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03-06-2004, 18:30

The HD prob was b'coz I had several HD.dsk files (while testing) and the one I used was without Directories, so I didn't see one. (yeah, how stupid can I be eh! ) Thought I had the HD.dsk with directories onit...

I used IDE fat12 with dos 2.2 on turbo r, standard (256 KB) no extentions but the IDE.. still it hangs.
Haven't tested it on other machine setups. Only by removing the IDE extention MZX3 runs smoothly (tried some extra extentions like 1MB, audio etc etc all worked like a charme) oh well, it was the FIRST prog I tested and it tilted right away... other softs I tested showed no probs. Must be lousy code haha.. ahum, right. nevermind.

thanx for responses.

Oh, the sample rate had to be reset to 1024 samps before getting good audio results.

still, it would be SOOOO darn cool and handy to have HD simulation using REAL HD (a folder for example) that way swapping files would work perfectly cuz the diskexplorer can't handle HD.dsk files cuz of the size Sad big bummer...
only solutions is to add a DirAsDisk and swap files using that folder...

By Manuel

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03-06-2004, 21:32

Ro, I just tested Muzax 3 on IDE harddisk emulating a 8250: runs fine!

LUX: what CPU and videocard do you have?

You people should all join #openMSX on! Much easier to help you guys there!

By ro

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06-06-2004, 15:49

huh, I just tried the whole openMSX on my new PC here at my place but could not get msxdos2 on turbo R working! (hey, mtr has dos230 build in right?, could not get it from the .xml config file.. )
The other day I tried this config (as described earlier) it worked like a charme however.. snif.
oh, the thingy, is that online? could not get it

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