Where is openMSX 0.4.0 ?

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By anonymous

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29-04-2004, 17:54

I guess there must be more Patrick van Arkel's living in the USA using the nickname Vampier, writing me hatemails then.

By BiFi

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29-04-2004, 19:29

It's either V9990 or Gfx9000. And regarding openMSX, there's Gfx9000 emulation work in progress.

By Vampier

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29-04-2004, 22:09

That's right bifi... I mixed the names up a bit.

Guyver800 must be... don't know what you are talking about?

Anyway I spend 4 posts on which 1 is useful, I'll go ontopic again.

By sunrise

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29-04-2004, 22:29

Patriek you don't know the v9000?!?!! Everyone knows about it Smile

ps what hatemail?

I can better explain what is probably meant by v9000
People mixing up a GFX9000 which is the videocard and the video9000 which is the digitize unit and consist of the GFX9000+Digitize !

By DarQ

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24-05-2004, 12:26

openmsx 0.4.0test3 for Debian GNU/Linux users:

this will install openmsx040test3 instantly on your machine. the package is not entirely finished but it does work out of the box on several machines. this does not include system roms except CBIOS.

to install (as root):
dpkg -i openmsx-0.4.0-1-i386.deb

to remove/purge (as root):
dpkg -r openmsx OR dpkg --purge openmsx

By DarQ

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24-05-2004, 18:19

oh, i noticed that this debian package has been downloaded from this topic for over 20 times. are there really that many debian users? or are there people that download it while its useless to them anyway?? Big smile

By [D-Tail]

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24-05-2004, 18:28

I haven't downloaded it yet... But sometime, I will. I have debian, but I'm satisfied with Win2K for the time being... Wink

By DarQ

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24-05-2004, 18:53

babe, we spoke about this subject before Smile

oh, and a tiny addition (cant edit after 30f...ing minutes): you could use wget <url> to download the package (apt-get install wget if you havent got it)

By Manuel

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29-05-2004, 02:26

To get back to the topic: it has just been released! Enjoy! Smile (You know where to get it! ;-)

By DarQ

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29-05-2004, 03:00

To get back to the topic: it has just been released! Enjoy! Smile (You know where to get it! ;-)

okay, let me make a deb of it. i hope my compiler wont fuck things up as it did a few days ago!

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