Woomb launcher in Vista

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29-06-2007, 09:30

I know some people from Bazix read MRC Wink

Anyway, just thought this info might be interesting: Woomb (and MSXPLAYer) works fine in Vista, but the application has to be launched as administrator. This is due to the tightened security in Vista (UAC - User Account Control) which doesn't allow an application to just write in the Program Files directory. When the Woomb launcher downloads the games, it puts them in Program Files, and Vista prevents this by default (it tries to use a different directory instead, but many applications don't function correctly that way). Running the program as an administrator overrides this and solves the issue.
By the way, it's not an uncommon thing. Many applications need this treatment in Vista.
Maybe an idea to add this to the Woomb FAQ or something.

Alternatively, UAC can be turned off completely, and for advanced users that might be preferred, but that's never something to recommend to Joe Average.

Hope it's ok to post it this way and not use Woomb support, as it's not really a support question, rather just a notification/suggestion.

OT: to the Linux fans... yes, it seems MS took a few cues from your favourite OS (running as administrator is pretty much the same idea as the root user in Linux). You now also have your own "home" directory listed (basically the same as in xp, but there it would be hidden and you'd only see "my documents" instead).

Oh, and a small request: 48x48 icon! Wink

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