Most essential MSX event (1982-2005) [rough guide to round 3]

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27-09-2006, 00:38

Nom: Konami
Why: This company basically made the MSX system into what it is still known for nowadays, and many of their game franchises still popular today had their roots or some of their early installments on this computer. They were also superior to everyone else on the MSX, which they never quite achieved in such a way on any other system...and I doubt anyone else ever did.

Nom: The release of Space Manbow
Why: First (and afaik ONLY) MSX2 actiongame which steps into 16bit console-realms, regarding its gfx.

Nom: MSX turboR
Why: Finally the long waited new CPU for MSX! Made MSX the most advanced 8-bit platform... again!

Why: Although mentioned before, the keyrole this magazine played in spreading knowledge on MSX and increasing activity of the MSX community has not yet been given the attention it deserves.

Nom: Release of MSX2
Why: Made MSX most advanced 8-bit platform.

Nom: Impact
Why: Setting the standard for MSX music in the 1990s

Nom: MSX disk drive
Why: Read/Write random access media gave new speed to MSX development, game loading and piratism.No more shitting around with tapes.

Nom: MSX in the MIR
Why: Ultimate cool factor. The only 8bit homecomputer ever in space?

Nom: V9938
Why: First hardware accelerated video chip on 8-bit computers.

Nom: Philips quitting MSX
Why: the end of the commercial MSX era in the Netherlands, and Western Europe for that matter.

Nom: FM-Pac
Why: Not the first add-on soundchip, but it became an MSX standard, made the use of external soundchips in games and demo's all the more popular, was relatively easy to use even for a beginner (MSX Basic support), wasn't limited to one company, wasn't limited to one country either, and became sort of an essential for everyone with an MSX2 or better computer.

Nom: Zandvoort fair
Why: one of the two major MSX fairs in the central MSX years

Nom: Sunrise - hardware
Why: creation, maintaining and sales of new and interesting hardware.

Nom: Ademir Carchano
Why: He was the man who created MegaRAM, MSX2 and 2+ expansion kits here in Brazil... and he STILL produces MSX computers and periphericals... not even ASCII can say that

Nom: V9958
Why: Hardware scroll, many colors!

Nom: Clubguide picturedisks
Why: Marked the beginning of the active demoscene

Nom: MSX Resource Center
Why: central MSX-website of nearly everything MSX'ish (all except warez ^_^), big role in bringing old ppz and new ppz together again

Nom: Designer and Designer plus
Why: I really think these apps deserve cult-status. In their time the MSX was a common school/educational computer, and it might in fact be these Designers that might've got attention from kids, with as result: their own MSX.

Nom: Compile
Why: Brought some amazing releases (like the already mentioned Aleste 2), introduced the concept of Disk magazines and supported MSX for a very, very, very long time

Nom: Psycho World
Why: a great smooth scrolling action/platformgame (rare!) on MSX2

Nom: The release of SD-Snatcher
Why: according to many, the best RPG on MSX (or best GAME even)

Nom: The release of MoonBlaster
Why: a relief after messing around FST's limits

Nom: Sunrise's CF interface
Why: While Sunrise as a whole was already mentioned, esp this device was so damn handy when it came out. In a time when MSX disks (720k) are rare or simply dying, an MSX-PC swappable mass storage medium was simply the right thing at the right time.

Nom: FAC Soundtracker
Why: Truly the start of the musicscene within the MSX demoscene

Nom: The release of Nemesis 1
Why: Konami's first megaROM, and probably the first one on MSX.

Nom: Announcement of the One Chip MSX
Why: A new computer, long after the MSX was commercially burried

Nom: Japan software houses
Why: For all the great games

Nom: The release of Usas
Why: graphically splendid Platformgame with great, and often covered, music. One of Konami's most decent games, if you ask me.

Nom: The Moonsound
Why: interesting soundcard, esp. compared to the traditional soundextensions

Nom: The end of MCCM
Why: It marked the start of the silent years and the end of the active years. While the scene and activity was already declining at that point, the end of MCCM still was a painful confirmation of what we already knew..

Nom: The release of Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
Why: first of all, it is the last game Konami ever released on MSX (as far as I know, correct me if I'm wrong). Moreover, it is arguably their best MSX game (maybe together with SD Snatcher, and a case can be made for Space Manbow). More even than the first Metal Gear, it established the genre of Tactical Espionage. All elements of Metal Gear Solid's gameplay are already present (the radar, the plot developments, temperature changes, crawling, the ladies' room) and Konami really pushed the limits of MSX2 with this game, both of which it didn't do with the first Metal Gear. And it's Konami's only 4-megarom.

Nom: Genlock for MSX (Sony/Philips)
Why: Used on TV/studio/MIR

Nom: Sunrise - gameproductions
Why: offered gameproduction (box, manual, sales) to the scene.

Nom: The release of Lightning, by Starcracks and Micronics
Why: the first demo written in 100% machinecode that looked at a real attempt to write a decent demo with smooth scrolls and effects not seen before. Of course, many demos after it were much better and REALLY showed what MSX(2) was capable of, but what came before was pretty much pathetic (I'm sorry, that includes earlier Merlasoft and FAC demos; Merlasoft because they were inexplicably in screen 7, but he redeemed himself later, and FAC III because it was in Basic). Or, as the authors put it themselves: "the REAL anti-Commodore demo!"

Nom: ESE Artists Factory
Why: Mega-SCSI, Mega-SCC, initiating and playing a key role in the One Chip MSX project

Nom: ObsoNET
Why: Made it possible to connect MSX permanently to internet.

Nom: Microcabin's music in general
Why: introduction of a new FM-Pac sound, it sounded quite different compared to 'normal' FM games (or scene music for that matter), it's still unmatched!

Why: Showing that even amateurs can release a cool game a year, whilst coding impressive demos like Source of Power and Relax.

Nom: Wammes Witkop
Why: being a visual MSX icon, and keeping MCCM in the air far beyond what a typical publisher would think as 'sane'.

Nom: MSX Resource Center starting challenges
Why: Increased activity of the MSX community, lead to spectacular demos and new groups to be formed.

Nom: Mailing Lists
Why: Maintained informed and glued to MSX news to all us than never could go to a fair or buy fanzines like for example MCCM.

Nom: The release of Aleste 2
Why: the best vertical shoot'em up on MSX2 ever, graphics, sound and gameplay-wise, and if it weren't for Space Manbow (already nominated), it would be the best shoot'em up, period.

Nom: blueMSX
Why: the emulator that is the living proof that you can combine high level of accuracy with high level of comfort for the end-user, also the first MSX emulator with support for consoles or computers that are very close to the MSX system (SVI, Coleco, Sega).

Nom: Sunrise Swiss developing the GFX9000
Why: taking MSX to the next level, graphics-wise. And it's just a great piece of hardware ^_^

Nom: The release of Metal Gear 1
Why: The game did not only proved to be one of the best MSX games ever, it also changed the shape of the gaming industry with a radically new approach to military shooting games: Tactical Espionage. Even to date, the game is one of the most important series in the gaming industry, still introducing new people to the MSX computer system.

Nom: The release of fMSX
Why: the start of widespread attempts to emulate MSX on all kinds of platforms; released under a sort of open source license and the mother of many other emulators due to its portability.

Nom: MSXDev'05
Why: the compo became more international, while MSXDev'04 already gained quite some respect, it was MSXDev'05 that started somewhat of an MSX1-craze. It also turned a lot of hi-spec ppl into dev'ing for MSX1 who wouldn't have done so otherwise.

Nom: Nestor Soriano [NBASIC, Z380 soft, Obsonet hard&soft, etc]
Why: for releasing such great software as NestorBASIC, what really put me back into my seat, programming all day and night

Nom: Metal Gear Solid series
Why: (I'm in a Metal Gear mood, but...) the PSX installment of this game - and the success and prequels/sequels that followed it - earned the MSX respect all over the world and gave the MSX community some well-deserved self-confidence. Many people (re)discovered the MSX thanks to this game, and Hideo Kojima did his share of MSX namedropping as well. Of immense promotional value.

Nom: Sunrise - magazine+special
Why: best known diskmagazine.

Nom: Microcabin snaredrum (various prods, Xak, Fray etc.)
Why: Finally a snaredrum that doesn't sound cheap, it had us all longing for it

Nom: Tilburg fair
Why: one of the two major MSX fairs in the central MSX years

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