Most essential MSX event (1982-2005) [round 6]

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By cax

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11-10-2006, 16:42

3-0 Konami | MSX turboR
3-0 Release of MSX2 | Compile
0-3 MSX disk drive | V9938
0-3 Sunrise | Japan software houses

By arnold_m

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11-10-2006, 18:06

3-0 ;Konami | MSX turboR
3-0 ;Release of MSX2 | Compile
2-1 ;MSX disk drive | V9938
3-0 ;Sunrise | Japan software houses

While I do not hate the MSX turboR, I don't think it has had much of an impact. Konami has kind of set the golden standard for games on MSX.

The release of MSX2 did result in lots of software specifically for MSX2. Compile is unlucky to get in this pair, in another pair they woyuld probably have gotten some points for starting diskmagazines.

The third pair makes for the hardest choice. I think the disk drive has been a bit more important in makingthe msx(2) more than just a game console.

Without the Sunrise IDE interface I would probably have lost interest in MSX. "Japan software houses" is so general that it should have been disqualified as event.

Most voters have omitted the semicolons, so I guess my vote sheet is the only valid one. Tongue And I really want a smiley to indicate pedantry.

By ro

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14-10-2006, 12:37

I thought this closed on oct 12th?

By wolf_

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14-10-2006, 12:39

Currently snout doesn't have ample amounts of time.. so it might take another moment..

By snout

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14-10-2006, 17:16

2-1; Konami | MSX turboR
2-1; Release of MSX2 | Compile
1-2; MSX disk drive | V9938
1-2; Sunrise | Japan software houses

guess what it means! ^_^

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