By ArjanS

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20-05-2007, 13:54


Laatst kwam ik toevallig dit tegen:

Ik moest meteen denken aan de Impact Music disks. Nog steeds mijn favoriete msx muziek.
Maakt BDD nog steeds muziek?

Arjan S.

{mod: English please in the English section! :P and since your edit-time is gone I'll fix it for ya:


Recently I bumped onto this one:

Immediately it reminded me of the Impact Music disks. It's still my favorite msx music.
Is BDD still making music?

Arjan S.


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By wolf_

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20-05-2007, 14:41

..and welcome to MRC .. Tongue

Some years ago I've seen BDD posting two messages in this forum, I guess that might be a good representation of his MSX activities of late. Well, I think you'll have to deal with his released musicdisks and demos, I wouldn't place bets on new MSX material from him.. but who knows. Afaik he's into chemistry these days. So whether he still does non-MSX music these days.. who knows..

By ArjanS

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20-05-2007, 16:03

Oops, sorry for that! I guess I had too many websites open at the same time, forgot about the language Big smile

Thanx for the info Wolf. I'll try to find that lp somewhere.

By bdendulk

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23-06-2007, 11:42

My MSX activities are more than that... I look around here regularly, but I am not such an internet-forum speaker so you won’t notice me. But naturally I can’t resist posting something on the ‘bdd’ topic.
About the music: I made a lot of post-impact music, some of it using FAC soundtracker and a roland D110, most of it using cakewalk and a combination of synths and a sampler. I have a rather lousy recording from vinyl of a track of the record I made about 10 years ago, which is one of the better tracks I think. It has little connections with the MSX but I guess the style would somewhere be similar to the BDD tracks, maybe you like it. However, I tried to post it but I haven’t found out how to post files here. I’ll try to find out. Otherwise I will place it on my soulseek (ben6000).

By wolf_

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23-06-2007, 11:57

No-one is born an internet-forum speaker, an internet-forum speaker one becomes by simply doing it. What's keeping you? I think lots of ppl here would appreciate your presence.. Tongue If you have freeware tracks you can always send 'm to for the download database. Pointing to them in your own posts is then simply a matter of linking to it.

By Manuel

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23-06-2007, 12:02

Darn, BDD should have been involved in the Italo compo!

By snout

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23-06-2007, 21:23

The song is online now, right here.