Dragonslayer 6 - Remake (update)

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By Low_Profile

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06-06-2005, 15:27

A while ago I posted a remake of the Dragonslayer 6 Worldtheme.

(see the newspost: www.msx.org/newspost2124.html )

After some usefull comments from Wolf I decided to improve that version... so here it is :)



- I reworked the acoustic guitar sound (the strum is gone, which was a bit annoying after a while)
- I added a synth string to fill up the saxophone part of the song
- I removed the pitch bends in the sax-lead
- Mastered slightly different, the bass is a bit more present now.

Anyways,... Enjoy :) (i hope) ^_^

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By wolf_

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06-06-2005, 16:34

Generally speaking: very well!

The only (yes yes.. who would expect something different from me Smile ) point is that minor that it's probably not worth mentioning .. a point seen from the eye of an extreme nittpicker (no BiFi, not you!).

By dexx

Expert (124)

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06-06-2005, 20:56

nice indeed Big smile
which program or keyboard did you use??
the instrument's are REALLY COOL!!!

By SolidEric

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06-06-2005, 21:35

Wolf, you nittpicker!! ;-) Serious now, really cool arrangement....it sounds more complete than the first version. I like the accoustic guitar very much!! keep on making those arrangements Bart!

By Low_Profile

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06-06-2005, 21:48

Thanx guys! Smile

I'm afraid to ask what that minor thingy is Wolf, because I'll probably agree with you and end up editting / mastering this song yet again Smile

Dexx: it's made with a Roland Fantom XR.

And now I'm going to start with all the music from Undeadline... (always wanted to do those) ^_^

By SolidEric

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06-06-2005, 21:58

Undeadline!! Great Bart!! about that minor thing, you could allways change something but I think that gets an endless story.

By wolf_

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06-06-2005, 22:20

quick quick! cover your eyes! do it while you still can... dooooooo it..!


[nittpickmode] Big smile
Well that sax doesn't really sound realistic..

Transition-notes are like played on a keyboard, the pitchbend is like played on a keyboard... yes the Fantom is a keyboard.. but it shouldn't show Smile I've played/composed on keys myself for years, during Muxax3 mostly, so I know how keyboard players play keys and move their hands when playing with something technically as nasty as a sax.
The body of the sax sound could improve a lot (esp. on a recent-generation Roland .. ps.. you're very much the Roland-type eh? Smile ) by performing extensive editing. And the articulation could improve a lot by manual controlling various stuff (pitchbend and expression, forget about the modewheel).

Same hand-over-the-keyboard arguement for the clarinet btw.

That guitar ..

tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinggg...          tingtingtiiiiiiiiiingggg..

that tingting part ... there's some quiet little sneek sound around those notes, it tries to accomplish some sort o' thriller orso.. some guitar-adlib. To me it's too unclear/soft to 'be' all that, but it's just loud enough to be notable forcing me to the ask myself 'what is that?' all the time. Smile

By shaiwa

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07-06-2005, 09:58

I'm not a musician but i think it very nice to listen too....

Well, can't wait to hear Undeadline , one of the first music with i've heard when i got my Fm-Pak (yes from Gouda Smile ).

By JohnHassink

Ambassador (5605)

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07-06-2005, 11:30

It's very nice, but IMHO it's too bad the vibraphone-line is so soft in the mix. I always liked that line...

By Low_Profile

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07-06-2005, 17:51

I'll see what I can do with those suggestions Wolf, though it'll probably take some while before I get my hands dirty on that song again, because I want to finish my Undeadline songs first ^_^

And, yesh, I've been sticking to Roland all my life ^_^ ... because I like their sound, their expandability, and simply because I don't have to learn a new editting system when I buy a new Roland Smile (and they've never let me down so far)

back to work for now Smile

By MrRudi

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16-06-2005, 23:23

Well Wolf, basically a Sax is just impossible to emulate decently, no matter the synth, no matter the time you put into playing details and controllers. I asked Bjorn Lynne once how he got his Sax so perfect, and he said 'I bought one, and learned to play it, there is no other way" Smile so there. I like the new version Bart made a lot more than the old one!

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