Dragonslayer 6 - Remake (update)

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By wolf_

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16-06-2005, 23:44

One can get quite far tho.. with the right samples!

If you can choose between an only so-so sax or an expressive synthetic sound, I'd pick the latter..

btw, my personal vision on sounddesign is that any instrument, no matter how complex, no matter how bitchy, can be reproduced realisticly using sample&synthesis, no matter what others say about that.

By Low_Profile

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17-06-2005, 22:04

Theoretically: yes... but there will always be people who say some acoustic instruments just can't be synthesized no matter how near-perfect it may sound (especially the people who've played that particular instrument for years) Smile

my top 3 of instruments hardest to reproduce with synths are:

1) Electric guitar (in particular: distortion/overdrive/powerchords) they're a living nightmare if you want to start from scratch... though the synths do get better at it each new generation, especially with new comprehensive DSP/effects.
2) Some of the wind instruments who rely heavily on the breath-control during performance (Sax, Clarinet)
3) Acoustic guitar (subtle fret noises, slapping the resonance chamber, sliding your fingers across the strings) aarghh ^_^

hmmm, maybe i should just learn how to play the guitar Smile

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