A great new movie available soon!

By d-fader

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29-06-2004, 22:41

Normally this would have nothing to do with MSX, but I downloaded the 'Texel Fretsaw Massacre' movie from http://killerpriest.senff.nl/texel.html .
Nothing strange so far, but what did I see at the title? Yeah, a name we probably all know, check it out, Coen v/d Geest is still alive :D

(he made a second movie too, The Killer Priest, though I don't know if it's released already, wheheh)

I laughed my ass off :D


PS. Of course this can also be another CvdG. :)

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By wolf_

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29-06-2004, 22:50

what about 'offtopic' then ? Smile

By d-fader

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29-06-2004, 22:53

what about 'offtopic' then ? Smile

Wooosh! ...and wolf moved it to off-topic.

Big smile

Edit: Too = to (shaddap)

By leesmapman

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03-07-2004, 08:41

Glad you liked it :-) But it was supposed to be scary, not funny!

By sunrise

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03-07-2004, 14:18

Father Alvito , you are scary ...