Konami and Falcom, "so pigs do fly..!"

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By Grauw

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05-01-2004, 23:56

Lately they offer three choices in the PAL region: PAL, PAL60 and Progressive (yes, often we have progressive support while the NTSC releases have not Smile). PAL has black borders to cope with the lower NTSC resolution, and everything which is timed to the refresh rate runs a little slower. Final Fantasy X was released with only PAL (and the mentioned effects on visuals Sad ), however Final Fantasy X-2 will be released as said. Contra (by Konami!) is also released with those three options. And Soul Calibur II aswell (although in that game I always choose PAL because it has higher resolution and I never noticed any black borders for which I would want to choose otherwise).

So, I think Konami will do that. It's the easiest...

About the risk... Well, they talked about a worldwide release in the press announcement, after all... And at least reviewers are often well acquaintanced with the 'legacy' of Ys... And good reviews and the fact that it may be one of the not-so-many (Action!-) RPG's available, and that although in a 3D form it still has many 'classic' 2D RPG elements... I think that may be enough to result in pretty ok sales figures.


p.s. FYI, PAL60 is similar to NTSC - it has 30 frames per second and the lower NTSC resolution.

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