Maze of Galious Perfect Collection?

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By evulopah

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18-06-2004, 15:04

I now have some original Falcom Perfect Collections and ofcourse an awesome lot of
mp3 versions of those wonderfull soundtracks....

Did Konami made Perfect Collections of his games??? I know they have cd's with
a lot of rock music on it from the Castle Vania series... and there are Metal Gear cd's.

But I mean music from Maze of Galious, Fire Bird, Treasure of Usas, King's Valley 2 etc..


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Paladin (1012)

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19-06-2004, 21:36

google: Konami+game+music????? Wink

By BiFi

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19-06-2004, 21:40

some people tend to add 1 or 2 more Wink



By wolf_

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19-06-2004, 23:52

For some years I've the intentions to do complete 'scene' CD's myself with titles like MoG, Usas, Vampire Killer, MG1&2, SD-sn. etc. etc. and perhaps I could fix something in a short-term period, as a few technical things are going to change at my studio, which should lead to a heavily increased activity.

Or do you only want real konami in-house re-arrangements ? Smile

By MrRudi

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20-06-2004, 00:02

Konami never released any albums concerning Usas, MoG or King's Valley Music. There are a bunch of Snatcher/SD-Snatcher CDs, there's the MG / MG2 album, some Twin Bee and Parodius albums and that's about it. There are plenty of Castlevania albums of course, but not that I recall from the original Vampire Killer.

And Wolf_, I have these intentions too, I am working on a solo (SD)-Snatcher album but it's very tough to do a lot on short just takes a lot of time. I did three songs so far, and there are over 30 Smile

By [D-Tail]

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26-07-2004, 21:56

some people tend to add 1 or 2 more Wink


SmileDon't forget to add '+msx' to it; Konami did a whole lot more besides MSX Wink

By evulopah

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27-07-2004, 10:04

Those soundtracks are from MSX games....

By Sama

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27-07-2004, 13:17

The problem is, that even if CD's like that were made, they're so old now that they can hardly be found anymore. When I was in Japan last time, I found a second hand game shop somewhere in Osaka where old game soundtracks were sold as well, but as those CD's are really hard to get, their prices were really high.

I didn't see any 1987 MSX Konami game music CD, though...

By evulopah

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27-07-2004, 14:41

Too bad...

By evulopah

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26-10-2004, 10:22

mmmh, so there are more soundtrack cd's from Konami:

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