MG2: Solid Snake apparently being re-released as well...

By Nekura_Hoka

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22-09-2004, 15:03

Dunno if this is known yet or not but:

Konami updated its Japanese TGS site (yesterday apparently) with a product advertisement for an updated Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake which is also coming out on mobile phones like MG.
Official Link:

Looks like Konami really does remember its MSX games ;D

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By snout

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22-09-2004, 15:05

Hehe I posted about it on the frontpage one hour ago Smile

Metal Gear 2 re-released for mobile phones

thanks for spotting it though ;)

By Nekura_Hoka

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22-09-2004, 15:16

Doh, sorry bout that lol. I checked the news, but not as well as I should've. I just came across that last night becuase I decided to actually look into this upcoming MGS3 thing and found a news link on it.