Mopi Ranger Remake Done

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By anonymous

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24-08-2004, 15:29

that's one way of looking at it Smile

Personally I haven't installed all those things either... So I agree with you that it shouldn't be necessary, but one of Henk's goals was to learn this stuff...

Does C# support OpenGL? And if so, would it be possible to make a cross-platform (Windows and Linux) software with C# (.NET and Mono respectively) and OpenGL?

By Henk

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24-08-2004, 17:57

The funny thing is. That the whole .NET stuff worked in Linux before it worked in Windows.
I dont know the name of the compiler though.
C# and .NET does work for Linux as well.
The only problem is Managed DirectX. But there is nothing new. DirectX isnt part of Linux either.

By thinlizzy

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24-08-2004, 19:30

what the henk...

You used C# and .net boring and unnecessary stuff to learn and create a mopiranger remake

WE will not play it Smile

By [D-Tail]

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24-08-2004, 19:46

Speak for yourself please, I *might* play it Wink

[edit]And please mind your manners. They should really be reconsidered. As I (and other MRC folks) stated long ago, think before you act. If you've nothing useful to say, stay quiet. But this line has been quoted often in a bad way... So who am I to criticize you?[/edit]

By ro

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24-08-2004, 20:05

smiley alert

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