MSX in the news

By jacco_bot

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20-10-2007, 10:39

There's mention of the MSX platform here...

"In the 1980s Microsoft led an initiative to create a common home computer platform, called MSX, and supported by Sony and Philips among others. "

just thought it was cool.

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By snout

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20-10-2007, 10:46

Very nice! Read the EA exec statement on Joystiq yesterday and already thought "hmmm... sounds like he wants something MSX-ish!". Nice to see that a reporter at BBC thought the very same. Once again, MSX proves to be way ahead of its time ^_^.

By Yukio

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21-10-2007, 03:33

Cool, now 'we only need' to know what would be the next "big three" companies in the market ...

By jacco_bot

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29-12-2021, 20:50

A dutch magazine published an article on 40 years of the PC and mentioned MSX.

By jacco_bot

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29-12-2021, 20:55

Not sure if anyone has mentioned these hackaday articles before, I think they are interesting.

Creating a computer using the TMS9918a and running MSX demos

Getting a nes/snes controller to work on the MSX

By BlueCrystal

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03-01-2022, 19:08

Dutch Girotel advert (online banking) from 1986 showing msx computers.

Time marks: 50sec, 1,20 and 1,50.

By Parn

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03-01-2022, 19:51

BlueCrystal wrote:

Time marks: 50sec, 1,20 and 1,50.

What is that humongous cartridge connected to the computer at the 50 seconds mark?

By Sandy Brand

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03-01-2022, 20:04

Probably a modified version of the MT-Telcom modem?

By Parn

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03-01-2022, 20:20

Maybe, since it says MT-Girotel in the label. I couldn't see the label properly the first time I asked, but it wouldn't matter much to me since I'm not familiar with those devices.

By Grauw

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03-01-2022, 21:16

In the article in MCM 7 (pages 12-14) it says (translated):



Without elaborating too much on the details, it is interesting to mention some of them. For example, Girotel is “only” available 23 hours a day. This is due to the chosen processing method, as all orders are collected to be processed between ten and eleven at the end of the day. During that time Girotel is therefore not available.

For the Girotel-system they have chosen a Viditel-like set-up; it’s a Viditex system. At first there will be only one Girotel-computer, located in Breda. To work with Girotel this computer must be called, by means of a Viditel-modem and software. The phone costs are for the user by the way, there are no other fees.

However it’s also possible to use the Girotex-system via Viditel. Via page 500 one will arrive at the Girotel-computer. Those who have access to Viditel can already look around, although the actual home banking is of course not possible without the appropriate access codes.

The first trial uses MSX computers, of course. In principle every machine with the ability to access Viditel can be used, however in practice the Postbank has chosen for MSX. Therefore at the recent public presentation there were Philips VG8230-computers (MSX2) with a special Girotel-cartridge developed by Micro Technology.

I presume it is just an MT-Telcom modem with custom ROM software.