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By Latok

msx guru (3704)

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08-07-2003, 14:53

Sunrise, yes, we are. I agree fully with you. We're searching the limit indeed and we think we just didn't cross it...

By shaiwa

Champion (369)

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08-07-2003, 15:25

A reaction to the warez discussion on this (and all msx) forum(s).

If there wasn't any msx warez on the net there would be a few of us
still using the msx or a emulator.
Because of those warez and emulators i re-discoverd the msx a few years ago.
I'm collecting real msx harware and software again.
I know i'm not allone in this matter, i think because of this kind of sites there is
still a msx community left (and still growing). And because of this there is still
a market for new msx products.

NOTE: This is my opinion, NOT a criticism to the MRC.

By Sander

Ambassador (1847)

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08-07-2003, 15:37

Except from all this, we still trying to believe in a revival. So, activily making advertisements for sites containing illegal content would do damage to this process.

Let alone initiatives like project EGG, which sells old msx games.

I don´t think your site will last long, because there are truly some Japanese companies who have some amount of interest in the system again.

Indeed, I think your site will do more harm than justice.

Be creative indeed.Because that´s what the MSX about.

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (109)

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08-07-2003, 16:42

A reaction to the warez discussion on this (and all msx) forum(s).

If there wasn't any msx warez on the net there would be a few of us
still using the msx or a emulator.
I partly agree, and probably so do the companies involved. Which is why these companies are shutting a blind eye, in stead of actively hunting down any MSX warez like Nintendo or Capcom do.

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (109)

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08-07-2003, 16:48

Yes; I would like to be more creative and make the site somewhat different thant MRC. My idea is to focus everythin on each game or program. For example: let's say you are intrested in Metal Gear 2: so you go on to MSXDirect, search for it, and find every resource available on that page, including forums, maps, screenshots, tricks ... remakes if avaialble. I'm going to try and focus on this point, but I'm not going to set a limit on that.
This sounds like a great idea and certainly unique. However, you can do this succesfully without providing links to illegal software.

On a side note, just posting screenshots is already an infringement of intellectual property, one that is commonly tolerated, but still... If you in addition to that provide a link to the actual software, there might be serious trouble.

There are hundreds of shady 'rom sites' and there's always IRC, Usenet, Kazaa, etc... Nobody needs your page to find ROMs. If you want to turn your site into something respectable, get rid of the ROM links, simple as that.

My challenge of the day: anybody who is too dumb to find MSX warez is not worthy of MSX at all Tongue

By snout

Ascended (15187)

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08-07-2003, 16:49

I think it's a bit strange to say warez kept MSX alive. It's warez that actually killed part of the MSX scene. When I joined Flying Bytes and we released PSG-Tracker, I actually saw people copying that product the next fair. I can assure you that's highly demotivating. True, many people kept using the MSX because emulators and software are/were easily available. But how many companies and community-developers stopped because of extremely low sales?

Besides, it's the MSX Community that kept the MSX alive. Active developers who still use a lot of spare time to develop new products that show the power of MSX. CF interfaces, Meridian, Bombaman, Cat 'n Mouse etc. etc. etc.

Keeping MSX alive is a matter of contributing to the community. Making new hardware, new software or websites that add (valuable) information previously unavailable are ways to contribute to the community. Of course, you can also support the community by showing your appreciation to the people that are developing new products. Show them you like their products!

I don't see the MRC and MSX-Direct as 'enemies'. (I don't like thinking this black and white), but that doesn't mean we can promote your website in newsposts and in our links database. Also, you don't need our permission to become the number one MSX site in the world Smile However, as we all know MSX is becoming commercially interesting again in Japan, which could drastically change the attitude of the MSX Association and former MSX-developers towards the availability of warez on the internet.

Last but not least, from the latest explanation, most of the things you want to do with xydirect are already implemented (or to be implemented) in the new Generation MSX, which already has a huge database of games and screenshots (without warez! :P). One might consider helping Generation MSX instead of doing the same efforts twice, resulting in two (or more) similar websites that could have been even better with some co-operation.

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (109)

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08-07-2003, 17:00

Uhm... I agree with snout Smile

Indeed, warez killed MSX commercially. The fact that right now warez is keeping a small group of people to MSX, and introducing mainly Metal Gear Solid fans to MSX, does not make it right.

Adding the information of game tips, reviews, etc to the Generation MSX database is indeed a good idea. At least some sort of cooperation can save both of the sites a lot of trouble.

But, whatever you do, warez is not the way.

By Bart

Paragon (1423)

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08-07-2003, 19:41

Though I couldn't agree more to the things already said. It's sad to see that JEames didn't take part in the discussion. I'm afraid that his good spirit and motivation to create has just been flushed down the drain.

So in order to get things straight I'd like to say that I really like and respect every new initiative taken by MSX'ers. Ofcourse as long as the main goal or main means isn't spreading warez. I think that counts for all of us.

So maybe you can reconsider the purpose of MSX direct JEames and then become a great or the greatest MSX website! Let all this discussion bring on the fire within you to come up with the greatest website AND added value of all time Tongue

By JEames

Rookie (27)

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08-07-2003, 20:38

Oh.. Sorry, I didn’t want look like I don't want to take part in the discussion. It's just that I was busy out of the office (some times I have to spend some of my time working! Wink).

The truth is I didn’t intend to create a discussion about msx-warez or not. I'm just trying to team up some people and build up a proper website where user activity is not just limited to software downloading.

But, as now the topic is MSX-Warez, let me make my point:

Obviously it is very hard to value the harm and/or benefits warez has done to the MSX along the time... In the past, when you could go to any shop and by a MSX cartridge I have no doubt warez did harm. As much as the harm all warez does to any commercial product. That has a name and is called piracy. But today you can't go to a shop and by "The Maze of de Galious". If you are interested in any old MSX software you are down to search it on warez sites. There is no other alternative. What benefits are companies like Konami making out of old MSX games? -Clearly the answer is none.

So who am I harming by making available all the MSX software to who ever is interested? -I think I am promoting MSX, because with out this software, honestly was is MSX system? -Yes... there's legal software around; but the main interest is on those programs that we all now and that are copyrighted.

By the way, at the end of my website there's a note I would like to mention here:

All games offered for download on this site are copyrighted. This means it is, strictly speaking, actually illegal for me to make them available, and illegal for you to use them after download. However, the games mentioned have not been profitable for such a long time now, that I'm willing to take the risk involved and go ahead and do it anyway. Under different circumstances I would respect copyright, so if you are, or if you are representing a game's copyright-holders, and you object to this line of reasoning, please e-mail me about it and I will remove the game in question from the site (please keep in mind though, that quite a few people enjoy re-living the old days and will be unable to legally obtain your game!).

Well... I've never, in the 4 years my site has been online, ever got any message from anyone about taking any game of the web site.

To be honest, if Konami came to me asking to take off all there software it would be a shame and probably I would'nt continue working on all this... This can happen, and it's a risk I'm taking but I don't think Konami realy cares about a site that has 400 visits a day. They sell out hundreds of thousands of games every day, so what's the point in fighting a small comunity that does no harm to their buisness?

To finish this large message, I insist that I understand the MRC policy. But someone has to offer what MRC won't and I think I'm in a right position to do this.

Anyway: If there's any coders/webdesigners/content managers that would like to team up to make a new MSX site just send me an email:

Best regards!

By Latok

msx guru (3704)

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08-07-2003, 22:00

JEames, ever heard of EGG? They're selling old MSX software legally and commercially. You said you never ever received a request for deleting files on your site? I ask you to reread the thread. Snout has stated IS being watched by former MSX companies and has recently been into a legal conflict with one of the old MSX companies.

The fact you never got an e-mail is probably because your site isn't known that well, no offense here by the way....Now that you're posting it in the forums, I can assure you, you have seriously enlarged the possibility you WILL be contacted.....

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