Outrun 2

By snout

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13-07-2003, 14:30

Ok, I considered this to off-topic to post about, but euhm...

Outrun 2 is coming up

Strangely, the screenshots have the same atmosphere as the game had years ago. Well, at least they have that effect on me ;)

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By Ivan

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13-07-2003, 17:53

It will be the fourth game of the saga. Remember Out Runners (apart from the original Out Run and Turbo Out Run).

Although the graphics of Out Run 2 are quite impressive I doubt that it will catch as much attention as the first Out Run did.

By the way, I still remember the horrible conversions of Out Run that were made for home computers. There's nothing like the impressive port of Chase HQ for ZX Spectrum (converted to MSX too).


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13-07-2003, 19:30

Lookin' GREAT! Can't wait to play it Smile

Looks like Yu Suzuki is directing it again (the graphics look a bit like F355-Challenge).