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By wolf_

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11-04-2018, 15:12

It's very vague indeed. You can look at is in two ways:

A table with a wave, this can be an SCC-wave, an OPL4-wave, any wave.
A table of waves, this can be perceived as a list of individual recordings, indicating multisamples for e.g. a piano.

The latter isn't that far fetched as the term 'wavetable' became especially popular when in the 90's all kinds of wavetable soundcards popped up, all featuring the full GM set of sounds (being, mostly, multisamples).

For that reason alone I'd prefer a term like 'waveplayer' or 'sampleplayer', which are rather generic. I'd avoid the term 'table' at all costs, as it's not always very clear what the table refers to. ^_^

Still, things will get vague as soon as you start using the PSG to play samples, is the PSG a sample player then? Shocked! Or is the Z80 actually the sampleplayer and is the PSG merely a DAC? Shocked!

Too much to think about, brain melts...

By hit9918

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11-04-2018, 16:20

the problem is terminology. "PCM" and "wavetables" are yamaha OPL buzzwords.
use the words "samples" and "RAM" and things get simple.

By msd

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11-04-2018, 20:04

@hit9918: PCM is not a Yamaha buzzword, it’s very standard and very clear what it does.

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