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19-03-2003, 18:17

A method to get stereo FAC SOUNDTRACKER music on PC !

If you use WinAmp, you know maybe the kss format that allows you to play MSX music (in different formats) on your PC ...

But how get stereo FAC SOUNDTRACKER music as this format is mono and uses only the Fm-Pac or only the Music Module ???

It's more easy to explain with an example. I suppose that you have three files test.mus, test.sm1 and test.sm2

1step : creation of two KSS files with the Nyyrikki's convertors

You go to MS-DOS and you enter :
mus2kssa test
ren test.kss test2.kss
mus2kssf test
ren test.kss test3.kss

2d step : determination of the lenght of the song in seconds by simply double-clicking of one of these kss files and listening to in WinAmp

3rd step : conversion of the KSS files into WAV files by using of the tool nsf2wav that is available on the NezPlug site

the file npnez.dll (that is part of the nezplug package) must be in the same folder

Still under MS-DOS, you must type for a song of 147 seconds :

nsf2wav -t 147 test2.kss
nsf2wav -t 147 test3.kss

4th step : normalisation of the WAV files

5th step : mixing of the WAV files to get one stereo WAV file

6th step : conversion of this WAV file into a MP3 file

For these 3 last steps, I recommand the shareware YAMP

For a good normalisation of the files (as MSX-AUDIO sounds louder than MSX-MUSIC), the option "100 % of maximum allowed amplitude" is very interesting

For an extended stereo, the "J-Stereo" option seems me appropriate.

So, you can create yourself an extended library of stereo FAC SOUNDTRACKER music, with in the most cases good results.

For the songs in the FAC SOUNDTRACKER PRO format, you must of course first convert them in a MSX computer or emulator into the "normal" FAC SOUNDTRACKER format !

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