Which other machines do you use?

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By anonymous

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16-09-2003, 01:12

Bah... amiga has cd-rw... any apps for that?
I still believe a 1x CD-RW burner could be used on MSX without problem....

By Niles

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16-09-2003, 09:21

Not having a working MSX right now, I use a PC at work and here at home my main computer is an (no flaming please Tongue ) Amiga 4000/060/50Mhz/40GB HD/12 x CDRW/CV 64 3D GFX Card/128MB Ram 8)

Amiga is a great computer (I had to admite this when I saw the first A500 running)... you know, just you were so happy with your magnificent MSX and then appears this machine... Evil HATE-Commodore kills MSX Tongue Tongue

By Retroman

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17-09-2003, 00:05

Bah... amiga has cd-rw... any apps for that?

You mean CD Burning Software ??? There are three that I know of on Amiga : MakeCD, BurnIT and Frying Pan Smile

By Low_Profile

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17-09-2003, 14:24

At work:
AMD Duron 700 system
SB Live!
Roland XV5080 (incl, 32mb simm and 4 expansions)
Roland A70

At home:
Intel P4 2.4Ghz system
SB Audigy
Roland JV1080 (4 expansions)
Roland JP8080
Roland A33
Roland CM32p (which I don't really use anymore)
and some other studio gear not worth mentioning
Reason (ok, not really equipment, but it's as good as next to the real thing) Smile

Hmmm... bit of a Roland addict now that I look at it Smile

By makinavaja

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17-09-2003, 15:30

ummm, I use a lot my pentium 1 200mhz with slackware9 linux distro.
Also, another pc, pentium 3 500mhz with windows 98 for multimedia purpose (mp3, divx, photoshop...)
Sometimes (now I'm trying to recover it because its psu has died), a "multia dx-40 DEC Alpha" computer with linux redhat.
Then, consoles, I usually use (all of them allways plugged to my tv and ready for play withouth pluggin wires) a psx, ps2, game cube (with gameboy player), dreamcast and a Saturn. Also a gameboy advance and a gameboyadvance sp (depending if I'm playing at night or not, I use the sp or not, because I preffeare the controls from the first gameboy advance)


By 4fridges

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18-09-2003, 23:28

1 pc amd700 with 20gb,cdrw/cd/dvd, sb128, 256ram, gforce2 64mb
1 pc amd300 with 6gb,cd,sb64,256ram, tnt2 32mb
2 MSX vg8235 (no upgrades etc. recently I revised the diskdrives)
1 amige 500 with technosound, kcs pwrboard (for music)

I used to have an atari 2600, I sold it with 50 games for 25 guilders (shameshame, and so much regret)

And a not working Coleco vision!


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19-09-2003, 00:46

Quite a hard to ansfer, but I'll try as I don't have better to do...

- Hell of a lot PC's up to 1.8GHz laptop, WLAN & CD/RW+DVD (boring computers)
- Yamaha PSR-520 (Synthesizer)
- Roland RD-500 (Electric piano)
- Samsung M6236 (microwave oven)
- Amiga 1200 40MHz +HDD + CD (Computer)
- Indesit WT565W (washing machine <girlfriends note, NO HE DOESN'T!> )
- TRAXXAS Rustler 3701 (RC car)
- SVI-328, 5'25 floppy & graphic tablet (Computer)
- Sony Betamax SL-C9E (Beta VCR)
- Volvo B10M (Bus to go to work)
- MARK TFE55 (Another VRC)
- Maranz 1520M (amplifier)
- Tefal Vario-toaster (name says it all...)

... better to go to sleep...

By snout

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19-09-2003, 00:49

Tefal Vario-toaster (name says it all...)

Cool! How many MHz is this one? Tongue Tongue


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19-09-2003, 01:14

>>Tefal Vario-toaster (name says it all...)<<

Cool! How many MHz is this one? Tongue Tongue

0.00005MHz / 230V Tongue (damn, I forgot my Krups coffee maker...)

By dexx

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24-11-2003, 17:05

hmm i use THIS:
P4 2 ghz
512 mb
dvd 16
cdrw 24x
GF3 Ti 500 64mb
athlon XP 2600+
512 mb DDR 333mhz
DVD 16x
CDRW 52x
4 in 1 card reader (memstick, compact flash, SD card, smart media)
GF4 Ti 4200 128 mb AGP 8x VIVO (Video In/Video Out)
5.1 dolby digital (realtek onboard)
LAN onboard
5 USB 2.0
3 firewire

to much pc hardware to list.
for the rest i use:
A pinball machine (Flight 2000 from 1980)
3 arcades (frogger, NEO-GEO, and truxton 2)
Atari mega ST
Samsung E700
and a lot more stuff Wink

ARG! i almost forgot, Shocked! of course... i USE also the BEST comp. ever...
this is what i have:
VG8235 (3x)
other stuff:
moonsound, FM-pac, philips music mod, 2x SCC

like it??

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