Ys VI Ark Of Napishtim

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By Thom

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16-07-2003, 22:24

Ys III RULEZ!!! Tongue

>>Still, I think Nintendo should look further as at some point in time Mario will be worn out. I for one will make sure my future kids (?) won't like a fat plumber Tongue <<
Which is probably why they relatively recently created Wario, gave Luigi his own game, and also keep using Kirby and Link/Zelda, Donkey Kong... etc... Nintendo has so many great characters, who needs something new?
Really, in these times of 80% shit games coming out, I'm glad to have bought a 'Cube so I can enjoy Nintendo's excellent games.
Pikmin was great and the new Zelda, ... I'll use the word 'magical' for it.
Mario Sunshine is great too, although it's a lot easier than Mario 64 the gameplay is very smooth. I just hope they're not going to make Mario 128 even easier, like was suggested!

Ninty should be ashamed of the bugs and the camera in SMS. I have a cube, I am enjoying it, but the best game on the cube is a Sega product: Super Monkey Ball.

And Nintendo hate Europe. No Animal Crossing over here.

If you can't see the -sometimes very small, sometimes huge- innovation Nintendo brings into their games, you're likely to need your eyes examined Smile

Why do you think I have this white stick with red stripes?


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16-07-2003, 22:41

Why do you think I have this white stick with red stripes?

Uhm... A candy bar?

No kidding, YS6 looks great. Whether it plays great is to be seen. The engine reminds me of Grandia (2) from GameArts (Saturn, Dreamcast, PS2) and that game played pretty well, so I think Falcom should be fine.
Note that any console port of Ys/DS/Sorcerian is not done by Falcom itself. Somehow that always shows.

About Nintendo: they have original concepts, but really a lot is targetted towards kids. I hate it whenever they explain the controls to me ingame; I want to find that stuff out myself. And a good game doesn't need many buttons.

And that's where Sega comes in. They have a lot of arcade experience (obviously) and that shows in their games. You boot the game, you press start and you're playing! The controls are mastered within seconds. Besides that: I always liked the blue hedgehog better than the fat plumber. And I prefer blue over red too.

(Yes Thom and everyone else: ShenMue ROCKS, especially when you're interested in japanese culture - or asian cultures in general for that matter... ShenMue 2 takes place in HongKong after all. Part 1 is available for Dreamcast. Part 2 is available for XBox & Dreamcast. Just so you know, hehe.)

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