40.000 posts

By snout

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04-02-2005, 23:12

Yay, we crossed the 40.000 forum post barrier somewhere today. We'll do a newspost when we hit the 50k, but I think there's reason enough to celebrate. Perhaps you'd like to get up and do a little dance, in honor of it.

(Little Britain rulez Tongue)

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By W76NearDark

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04-02-2005, 23:22

Well that isn't too much...

By [D-Tail]

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05-02-2005, 01:54

/me already RNFF, there ain't snow here, but we've got lotsa grass fields around here... Does that count as well? Tongue

By Meits

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09-02-2005, 20:01

One of the forums hosted by a Darky which' oldest post is about as old as the oldest on this place Tongue


Right now: 359910 posts...
Ofcourse, it's a forum full of crap :P