Bart|MRC's got a son! :)

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By Bart

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29-04-2004, 00:25

Yeah you're reading it right! April 27th at 13:03 hours my son Koen was born. He's 50cm long and weights 3010grams. This afternoon we made this picture together for the MRC :

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By [D-Tail]

Ascended (8259)

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29-04-2004, 00:31

Congratulations to you and of course your wife! Quite stylish though, that tee shirt Smile When does your little boy get one too? Tongue

By snout

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29-04-2004, 00:39

I congratz-ed you before and I congratz you again! Looking forward to the next IRL...

About that T-Shirt. Just wash it one or two times on 90 degrees. Works like a charm Wink

By wolf_

Ambassador_ (9956)

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29-04-2004, 01:32

Koen Schouten!

(any middle-names?)


By BiFi

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29-04-2004, 08:26

Congratz Bart. We all welcome MSX Resource Center - The Next Generation Smile

By Thom

Paladin (691)

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29-04-2004, 10:41

Well done Bart!

By Sama

Ambassador (2068)

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29-04-2004, 12:14

Well, ofcourse your son looks even more tired Big smile

By Sama

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29-04-2004, 12:14

Hehe, congratulations again from me as well! Isn't he cute... Smile You look quite tired on the picture though, must be quite impressive, becoming a dad Wink

By MrRudi

Hero (525)

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29-04-2004, 12:28

I thought they forbid MSX nerds to breed?

But seriously, congratulations! I wish you many many smelly diapers, lot's of 3-hour sleeps and of course the inevitable 'let's see what else I can throw at daddy' marathon!

By flyguille

Prophet (3028)

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29-04-2004, 18:55

Congratulations BART!

I see how you are planning to make in your son a MSX fanatic!!!

By BiFi

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30-04-2004, 13:02

Well, it seems quite recently even TFH|Fony and his wife were adding to some kind of MSX Revival entry Smile

I see an MSX wedding here about 20 years later, since they got a daughter. Smile

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