Coffee addicts

By wernerkai

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01-07-2012, 04:12

Hi folks,

Do you like coffee ? What is the brewing method used by you ?

Here in Brazil the most common is filtration by gravity (drip brewer with paper filter). I make coffee by this method every day in early morning to breakfast.

After lunch I have a cup of espresso at work, made by a saeco machine.

After dinner I have a cup of espressso made in a home espresso machine.

Wikipedia says the Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark are the first in per capita consumption. Do you really drink so much coffee ?



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By RetroTechie

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01-07-2012, 04:45

Good subject. Smile Caffeine 'addict' myself, but my consumption varies a lot. There have been times where I drank 4-6 cups almost every day, sometimes I get by on 1 or 2 cups a week. Not enough to get withdrawal symptoms when cutting the caffeine cord... Wink

In the NL, the Philips Senseo pads (and knock-offs) are very popular method for home use, these coffee pads fill half the supermarket shelves for coffee these days. With paper filter drip (in coffee machine, usually) being the traditional method.

@ Workplaces, it's either that, coffee made from industrial-produced concentrate, or instant coffee from vending machine (depending on equipment used & where people get their fix).

Weird thing: @ work I usually prefer coffee with milk & sugar (and cafe au lait, Wiener melange etc), @ home I usually prefer black + sugar. Have yet to figure out how come... Question Btw for "sugar" read "sweetener, whenever available".


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01-07-2012, 12:25

wernerkai wrote:

Wikipedia says the Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark are the first in per capita consumption. Do you really drink so much coffee ?

Well, that is statistics, but I would blame Ahti... He drinks pot of coffee in morning, pot of coffee before going to sleep and quite a much more during day time... Practically only form of liquid that he puts in his mouth. How ever the coffee in Finland is quite a different from ie. coffee in middle Europe and we don't drink espresso practically at all.

Here is even some proof that we use quite a lot of coffee:


By Meits

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01-07-2012, 13:01

Coffee and me are at war... We don't like each other at all... At work I've to stay awake on character...

By erwinmusik

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01-07-2012, 13:55

First cup before I stay up, served from my wife (she´s an early bird every day)
two at breakfest, later up to three more.
All standard brewinng with coffemaker á la filter and gravity.
Sometimes devlicious Latte macciato from an italian shop around the corner.
I like my coffee "white" without any sugar.

In most offices in Germany are these Senseo or other machines with pads. Some better guys have expensive machines with builtin grinder.
I guess in Germany coffee save lifes.

By wernerkai

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01-07-2012, 21:52

It's a nice vid with MSX on different places.

Here you have some of my vids:

I don't like superautomatic machines, or capsule machines. I like to deal with coffee myself.
Of course, It takes a lot of more time to get the result...

By pitpan

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01-07-2012, 23:40

I'm totally high on coffee all day long ;D

You can't be serious about computers without caffeine!

I start the day with a moka charge (3 cups), at the office I have something like 1 or 2 more expresso capsules, if I have a meeting with some client, usually I have another expresso. Back at home, after having lunch, I go for my second moka (3 more cups)...

So, I'm just one step away of this:

(I'm kind of gourmet regarding coffee, and I love my sadly defunct La Pavoni manual lever machine with some premium ground coffee, such as Kona Island Extra Fancy, Colombia Zafiro Suprema rather than Jamaica Blue Mountain).

By Manuel

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02-07-2012, 09:59

I'm serous about computers, but I drink tea and no coffee! Tongue (I don't like the taste of coffee.)

By pitpan

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02-07-2012, 13:33

Caffeine is required no matter where you get it from ;D Even Red Bull is a valid source!