Facebook does not respect your private life

By mars2000you

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26-09-2012, 12:04

If you visit my site (MSX blue), you will notice that I've decided to remove the Facebook "I like" button that was available for each post with the Google+ and Twitter buttons.

The reason ? Facebook does not respect your private life (check the recent news and also older news).

I think all websites (including MRC) should react in the same way.

Remark : I've never subscribed to Facebook, so you will find nothing private about me ! Hannibal

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By snout

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26-09-2012, 12:09

I think when it comes to privacy concerns, the like button is the least of your problems @ facebook. The solution is already in your post, though. Those who don't like Facebook (anymore) simply should not use it.

By Samor

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26-09-2012, 12:15

what else is new... I use facebook, but most of the stuff I post on it is pretty trivial (e.g. "I bought this game and it's cool").

I don't think G+ is any different.

By wolf_

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26-09-2012, 12:32

Yeah, take their free service, but don't give them critical data in return. That's how things are done! ^_^ Somehow I believe that proper usage of such services is exclusive to our generation (the generation that grew up without social media as we know it today). If you see what today's youth puts up on Facebook... scary..

By Huey

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26-09-2012, 13:33

"Facebook does not respect your private life"

It took you this long to find out?????

Better remove G+ and Twitter too. At best disable comments too. EVERYTHING is logged and used.

Even scarier; in real life exactly the same happens too. Don't we all have a subscription to some magazine or club, or a coupon card of a supermarket, or hardware store. This is big business. There is no privacy.


so you will find nothing private about me

You mean there is no private info doing a WHOIS lookup on your website?

By RegalSin

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03-11-2012, 22:13

Yeah I know what you mean. I just had a raid.

I think it started when I made posts via Utube, in responce, to certain videos, and they tracked me. It is a "conspiracy" they don't want you to have any fun at all, and be dim witted, peeps.

First it started with myspace, and freindster. Then youtube popped up. Afterwards they advertised 4g networks for smart phones. So now everybody is using a smart phone now, via the web, and the smart phone companies takes away alot of privacy. Afterwards the idiots even started to intergrate facebleh into newsbroadcasts, childrens toys, and almost anything else. Then the ipad, and kindles released. People use them like cell phones, but now they all can carry around televisions.

To sum up things 60% of the web is utube or some other video website, that is collecting information, and less then 10% is people using the internet for downloading of information. Meaning nobody is downloading and everybody is viewing. This also means they can follow you faster, because nobody is participating. Everybody got lazy, and got tired of waiting for loads, to finish. So now everybody just uploads to Utube.

Then to go back to your point. The rest of that 30% is facebleh users. I fill in stuff to get a job, they can look up all my
mails I did not mentioned on the fill out forms. A person, can actually pay money to find out information about a person, especailly since most people getting jobs have to fill out informaion, to a private organization, that does god knows what to your information.

To sum things up, the internet we all grewed up with, is dead. If you use a cell phone to gain access to the net, your ruining it for the small amount of computer nerds out their. Computers went from sturdy things, that was unbreakable,
with maximum privacy to something that a judge judy fan can carry in their perse, side pocket. That is how terrible computers are nowadays.

This year computers, greatest acievement is the docking of the smart phones that turns them into desktops, You don't even need anything else but your smart phone/pad device. They are going to be advertising touch screens as a new invention as well. Imagine a new intel apple with touch screen built inside of it. Not many people know a regular computer monitor can be turned into a touch screen for years to comes. Even 3d glasses are old, for computer inventions.

Imagine Ned Flanders, with the power of bill gates at his finger tips. It is a nightmarish world we are living in folks.

By _ThEcRoW

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05-05-2013, 15:12

What is facebook? Wink

By ray2day

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05-05-2013, 16:07

Don't like facebook - don't have facebook account - because of this.

By Daemos

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05-05-2013, 23:17

I see that I am not alone in the world of non facebook users. Smile
I still believe in making friends and enemies the old fashion way and up until now I have been very successfull Smile

I don't need facebook and never will. This forum is about the only place you will find me active and thats about it. Want to be friends? come over and meet me in real life and I am happy to talk and get to know you better Wink

By wolf_

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06-05-2013, 00:04

I think a combination of social media and conservatism is key here. So, yes: use social media, but no: don't put your whole private life on it. And not messing up Facebook with pictures of what you're gonna eat tonight isn't bad either. ^^