Game Name (NES japan version)

By simian-raticus

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30-06-2006, 06:47

It was a platforemr with fighting element) . . . manga boy with bandana on head walking with stick over forest and dojo or training hall . . .
There was a competition with 1 vs 1 (guys fighting with mask in arena on sticks)
That sport (i don't remember name is from Japan . . .)
Please give me links, tittles or screenshoots)
I don't remember a lot - please any help NES MANIACS :-)

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By mars2000you

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30-06-2006, 08:20

You are not here on a NES forum, but on a MSX forum, so I'm not sure if someone can help you.

By simian-raticus

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30-06-2006, 11:23

ok I understand :-) This my last desk of help :-) This sport is KENDO :-)))))))))))
so don't close the topic maybe someone help in future
Have a nice day !!!! hehehe NES KENDO FIGHTING GAME - i must find this stuff soon or later :-))))))))))

By Sonic_aka_T

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30-06-2006, 13:20

I won't close your topic, but as this is an MSX site I will be moving it to the off-topic forum. Who knows, maybe there is an MSX-fan out there who was evil enough to own a NES and knows the answer to your question... Tongue

By wolf_

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30-06-2006, 13:26

Let's ask the guys from Fony, who used NES'es for various purposes! ^______^

By simian-raticus

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02-07-2006, 20:32

Ok I got this game i find this :-)))))))))

sorry for problems and holes in my brain :-)))))))))))))