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By snout

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01-04-2005, 09:46

Most of you probably already know that, apart from spending a lot of spare time on MSX, I'm also quite a fan of 'alternative/indie' guitar pop. Some even know I'm working in a nice record store in Groningen for a couple of hours a week.

Today seems like the right day for another shameless plug (and insight in my private life ^_^), because I'm also active in the big bad music industry in another way: I'm the manager of a promising band from the Netherlands called LPG. Their debut album, I fear no foe, has just been released on Excelsior Recordings, a label known for class-acts such as Daryll-Ann, Caesar, Johan, Spinvis and lots more.

If you like, you can have a listen to this new album for free by going to the Dutch website 3voor12 and clicking on the word 'Luisterpaal' in the menubar. Over there, you can listen four different albums, one of which is LPG's I fear no foe. The album will be available on this 'luisterpaal' for about a week.

Don't be ashamed to tell me what you think of the album! :)

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By snout

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27-05-2005, 21:59

Due to the extremely high amount of reactions, I think it's time for an artist update:

And... I would not mind it at all if you'd submit a top 5 containing LPG - Belly Rollercoaster over here ;)

By snout

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22-11-2005, 17:52

...and now I could use -your- help fellas, as one of their tracks has been nominated as 'song of the year'... you can vote right here. Thanks! :) Listen to the song you're voting for? All right then... have a listen...

and err... thanks for all the response to LPG (ahum) ^_^ :P

By AuroraMSX

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23-11-2005, 10:01

...and now I could use -your- help fellas, as one of their tracks has been nominated as 'song of the year'... you can vote right here. Thanks! :) Listen to the song you're voting for? All right then... have a listen...

and err... thanks for all the response to LPG (ahum) ^_^ :P
Ehm, when following the 'have a listen' link, the nominated song is the second track in the list (IARAC). Not really the style of music you'll find in my CD collection, tho :P

By 4fridges

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12-12-2005, 00:04

sorry, i'm in love with face to face again, ignorance is bliss.....

By snout

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09-01-2006, 12:13

From a happy snout:

Nokia select song from Dutch band LPG for worldwide commercial

Nokia have selected the song 'Belly Rollercoaster' from the Dutch band LPG to be used on a worldwide TV commercial on a new series of mobile phones. The band feels honored and proud as Grey Worldwide picked this song from their critically acclaimed debut album 'I fear no foe' (Excelsior/V2). Although at this state it is not clear yet when and where the commecially can actually be seen, bass player and songwriter Gerald Kooistra is very enthusiastic. "Of all songs available for commercials like these, they picked one of ours. That's just amazing. A lot of people around the world are now going to discover our band and our music, which very likely would not have happened otherwise'. The music video for the song is close to completion.

During the upcoming Eurosonic festival in Groningen, Netherlands, the band will perform no less than three times. Here is the schedule:

Thursday, January 12th - Shadrak (Eurosonic, 1.00)
Friday, January 13th - De Puddingfabriek (Schaamte en Woede, starting at 20.00)
Saturday, January 14th - Plato Groningen (instore feat. Spinvis, 17.20)

Website: http://www.lpgmusic.nl/
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/lpgmusic

By snout

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10-01-2006, 17:57

For those who are not completely bored by my eternal LPG plugging activities:

Tonight, there will be two items on LPG on Dutch television.

1) NSE, Talpa (somewhere from 20:00)
2) 4 in 't land, RTL4 (somewhere from 22:30)

enjoy! Smile

By [D-Tail]

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10-01-2006, 22:35

You and your shameless plugs... tsk, tsk,tsk! Tongue

By snout

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11-01-2006, 09:51

Stenders, Edwin Evers, Telegraaf... finally, the band is on a roll now ^_^


By Mafcase

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17-01-2006, 00:37

read some LPG shit in the 'Algemeen Dagblad' today (well, now it's yesterday =)

By snout

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27-01-2006, 00:10

It have been extremely busy times.. LPG are most certainly on a roll now. Some of the highlights:

Item on RTL4, (4 in het land), interviews @ Edwin Evers & Stenders, live performance @ Stenders and...

NSE (Talpa)
3voor12 (VPRO)
Algemeen Dagblad 1
Algemeen Dagblad 2
Planet Internet
UniversiteitsKrant Groningen 1
UniversiteitsKrant Groningen 2
Creative Facts
HIJ Online

Add to that:

Russians 1
Russians 2
Russians 3



...and you'll understand why I am a happy manager ;) If you're curious about LPG now (at f*cking last!), have a look at the LPG Myspace or at the video taken at their show last Saturday, in a completely sold out Paradiso Amsterdam at Fabchannel.


Relevant link: http://lpg.fabchannel.com/ ^_^

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