TOTALLY offtopic, but I need your help!

By Algorythms

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14-04-2006, 02:07

My band Algorythms were supposed to leave the snowy Norway now to go on a tour in Germany, but the manager got sick, and screwed up all the contact with the arrangers, and we're now left with only two gigs in Berlin. (30th of april and 1st of may)

So if someone can help us fill out the days from now ´till then in the Netherlands, Germany or close, we'd be forever thankful.

We play punk/rock and also cover some Rancid/Green Day/Sex Pistols etc.

Live concert can be found here:

Some demo's for the upcoming album can be found here:

And our website is with some music videos etc.

I`m sorry if this seems inappropriate for this forum, but we are kind of desperate, and we at least have two MSX'ers in the band :) Besides we know some of you guys work with music, and that there are some cool dudes among you!

So please drop us a line at: dan (ÆT)


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