Why Dick Advocaat substituted Arjen Robben...

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Paladin (1012)

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22-06-2004, 13:20


Dick advocaat's new job


Dick Advocaat plays weekend miljonairs

By [D-Tail]

Ascended (8233)

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22-06-2004, 13:32

Did anyone even see Bosvelt doing ANYTHING on the field, by the way?
Maybe sticking two fingers in his nose?

By Bart

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22-06-2004, 13:40

Robben was substituted because he just recovered. Earlier Advocaat was blamed that he let Robben play too long after his recovery, now he's being blamed that he let Robben play too short. Whatever the situation is; as long as we lose the game, people always make it Advocaat's fault, and only Advocaat's fault.

How about the amateur-like mistake of Cocu? He just gave away a clean shot with that. He should be blamed for the first goal, as that was really his fault.

Btw, Jan Mulder is pathetic. I really feel sorry for him that he has to be like that on television. It's a shame no-one protects that man from himself.

By MrRudi

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22-06-2004, 14:07

Was Advocaat blamed for letting Robben play too long? That's bullshit. This was Robben's first appearence at the Euro2004 tournament. Before that Robben did not play under Advocaat since he was injured in a PSV game. PSV was blamed that they allowed Robben back on the pitch too early, not Advocaat.

And yes, Cocu is to blame for the first goal, and van Bronckhorst for the third goal. Advocaat is too blame because he disrupted the balance in the team, and removing the biggest threat on the field (Robben). Because Robben left, the Czech back Poborskly had all the room in the world all of a sudden, while if Robben would have staid, both Poborsky as a central defender would have been watching Robben....

By snout

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22-06-2004, 14:13

Indeed. Besides, euhm.. I can imagine that a day or two before the game, Van Hanegem and Advocaat had discussed Robben and had decided that he should play no longer than 60 minutes. They should have changed that decision during the game though, because (almost) everything Robben did was right. Bringing Bosvelt in instead of Overmars or Zenden was the second mistake. Third mistake was that all the Dutch players seemed to be totally unprepared for this substitution. No one on the field had seen it coming. Instant bye bye team-spirit Wink


Hero (557)

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22-06-2004, 22:14

I hopefully think that Advokaat will not make the same mistake twice.. else he want to Emigrate to Nepal or something like it Tongue

By [D-Tail]

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22-06-2004, 22:45

We might want to add some alcool to have a real 'advocaatje' Tongue
Don't forget the eggs!

By wolf_

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23-06-2004, 22:59

I guess the advocaat-bashing is gone now ? Smile

By [D-Tail]

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23-06-2004, 23:05

Yeah, most likely...
But I guess his execution is just delayed until the semi finals Smile...

By wolf_

Ambassador_ (9789)

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23-06-2004, 23:06

Well, Rijkaard made it to the semi-finals, Hiddink did so too.. if Dicky can get us to the semi-finals .. I guess he didn't do worse than Rijkaard and Hiddink..

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