Ynes is born on 14-06-2008

By Repair-Bas

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14-06-2008, 19:00

We have now our second daughter, Ynes.
Today she was born and is the little sister of Quintie

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By wolf_

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15-06-2008, 11:26

hey, congrats!

But you didn't do a name challenge this time eh! There's still this 'Aleste' name lying around.. ^_^

(or wasn't that you?)

By Manuel

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15-06-2008, 12:44

Congratulations, Bas!!! I guess you didn't go to the MVM meeting then? Tongue

By dhau

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15-06-2008, 20:42

Congratulations! One more daughter, and it'll be a full set Smile

By Mafcase

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18-06-2008, 18:56

Congrats with your daughter! Big smile