A few lines about me.

By Delorean

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20-04-2005, 18:09

Hi, my real name is Jaume, i was born at 1983 (nice year...) at Barcelona.

My first MSX was a Sony HB 75 gift from my grandfather, it was pretty funny when i started to make my own programs and stunned my family (make 2 pages lenght programs from scratch at 8 years old was unusual at that time)...

This MSX died in a storm the year 1997 and i stoped my MSXmania until...

1998, i bought from a flea market a Sony HP101 and rapidly started developing software for myself, i done a semaphore program for the scalextric this used tree sound tones according the "Ready, steady, GO!" and a 220v relay connected at the tape remote relay gives power to the track with the green light, and the race duration can be set introducing the time in cycles in a "for next" (after used a variable and a converter secons-cycles for type the time in seconds)

Now i want to continue that project with lap-counting usin a scrapped paddle and make races with lap limits.

Nowadays i waiting for a Turbo-r won at ebay... and i making a cable for connect it to a vga screen...

This is my MSX life at the moment...

Cheers people...

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By snout

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20-04-2005, 21:26

Welcome to the MRC, Jaume! Enjoy your stay... and never lose touch on MSX again! Smile