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02-01-2003, 14:02

..ahum. g'day folks.

Might as well use my sparetime, which comes in small portions lately, to enhanche your pretty pathetic lives with nothing but good'ol crap which seems to be so typically (right?!)

The name is: Ro... Roman in full, but you can call me al....

Birthday: january 8th 1973 (thaz right I'll be 30 next week!)

born in: Leeuwarden, north of holland (still living there)

love: myself, music, coding

hate: my ego, r&b kinda crap music we get overwhelmed with these days

job: networking engineer (booooooring stuff), PHP coder (niceWink, studio engineer (love it), sound engineer (@ live gigs)

Uh, I got interested in computers in the early eighties, why my best friend, at that time, had a ZX spectrum at home... Whoo, man that was cool. after spending like half an hour of playing games and stuff, I found myself coding already. damn this is fun!

So I got to study BASIC (uhu) and soon came in contact with MSX.

Dude! this was it! MSX ruled (atleast beyond the spectrum horizon)

Did some extensive coding (BASIC again) the first few years, and caught my self whilling to get into assembly around the age of 15.

Little did I know how this would affect my upcoming dayes..... It wouldn't take long for me to pick 'shadow' as my nick-name for hacking, cracking, coding and other..

Then, after a few year... it was somewhere early nineties, I met Alex a.k.a. Savage. Together we formed Fuzzy Logic, and did some extensive coding. You might wanna recall some shitty demos we've done (ghehe, sorry for stupid text back then)

Oh hell, we dissed, made loude noise, coded our asses of and did our every best to keep our egos as little as possible (which, unfortunaly, wasn't that e.z.)

Did some other things than writing demos; Sunrise magazine, lotsa Picture disk stuff, Music editors (e.g. oracle), our own OS (f-kernel a.k.a. Midas) and drink more beer to get into more shitty text (remember them scrollers...whooohoho, I laughed my dick of writing them... pass me that bottle savage, and I'll write ya'll a REAL text.. Smile

n'kay.. it's been a few years now since I got my fingers into typing some msx mnemonics, or draw some pixels.. like 4 years now, as I remember correctly. And, truthfully, I don't think I'll ever get to coding on MSX again.. bummer.

* edit 2003-08-27 * Yep, the imposible happened a few weeks ago, thanx to MRC I got the courage to dig up the ol' MSX again and been coding agan ever since!


really, I think about it so many times... good'ol days where we would have BIG meetings and stuff, showing off at parties.. man, it really was good.

Remember, I love all of you out there having done (or doing) some MSX related stuff. Even the onces we dissed back in the years (we were just joking, no regrets CAIN.. gheh)

signing off.. peace.


ps. beside being cool, I am a major asshole so remember that next time we meet ...

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By snout

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03-01-2003, 21:02

/me remembers weird ASM sources

THE: INC A ; 's are bla bla bla bla




By ro

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06-01-2003, 08:22

ghehe, yeah now you mention it...

I forgot about that fine piece of coding all along, funny.

(I should, perhaps, mention that it was not rare in fuzz sources to insert some humour either... like the: inc a 's indeed)


By snout

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06-01-2003, 12:11

Give us more examples of fuzzycode man Wink