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By kal2

Supporter (9)

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17-10-2012, 06:54

Hi, all. I'm japanese msx user. I like to make a mega-scsi.
If you are interested in making mega-scsi, please check my site.

japanese site:

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By Manuel

Ascended (18233)

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17-10-2012, 11:18

Good to see you here!

By PingPong

Prophet (3788)

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17-10-2012, 14:39


By Pac

Scribe (6452)

Pac's picture

17-10-2012, 16:29

Thank you and welcome, MEGA-SCSI is a great hardware. Smile

By mesiasmsx

Prophet (3338)

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17-10-2012, 22:36


YEs,but you can make a mega-Sd? Big smile

By kal2

Supporter (9)

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18-10-2012, 14:37

Thank you for many replies.

MEGA-SCSI is a great hardware, I think so too.
If you make a MEGA-SCSI, you gain lots of pleasure!?

MEGA-SCSI can be made with sevral mega-rom controllers:
ASC1, ASC2, ASC3, ASC4, SCC, and self made mega-rom controller.

Moreover the mega-scsi installer program(mginst.com) deals with these controllers.

# Sorry, I can't make a mega-sd, and my English isn't good.

By Pac

Scribe (6452)

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18-10-2012, 18:24

Your English is more than good, don't worry about that. We hope to know more about your projects here often. Wink

By ray2day

Paladin (669)

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18-10-2012, 19:09

Hello PAC. Welcome to MRC!


By sd_snatcher

Prophet (3480)

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19-10-2012, 03:49


If you like building hardware, you'll certainly like the projects session of MSXpro. It's in Portuguese, but you can use the Google Translator to read it just as we did to read your site in Japanese. ;)

By Capitan_Goto

Master (168)

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19-10-2012, 19:18

Wellcome MRC Kal2!!

By kal2

Supporter (9)

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22-10-2012, 15:10

Thank you for many replies. When I update my site, I want to report to this site!

If you have a question(s) about my site , mega-scsi, or wave-scsi,
Please tell me your question(s). I want to answer your question(s)

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