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By SkyeWelse

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22-10-2012, 17:27





By kal2

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01-11-2012, 13:07

(Thank you!)

(Now, I want to make a wave-scsi.)

(If I make a wave-scsi successfully, I will report the process at this site.)


By enribar

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01-11-2012, 16:56

You are welcome!
MEGA-SCSI is a very interesting and usefull hardware.
On fact we need the most a MegaSD like the one of the 1chip MSX.
Also, this is a very interesting configuration:
I think is a MSX connected in LAN with RS232 and InterNestor.

By kal2

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02-11-2012, 14:58

You can access sd cards with a mega-scsi.
(I think other msx scsi adaptors too)

You need: mega-scsi, scsi <-> cf adaptor, cf <-> sd adaptor, and usb <-> sd adaptor.

In case of accessing from msx to sd card:
mega-scsi + scsi <-> cf adaptor + cf <-> sd adaptor + sd card(s)

In case of accessing from pc to sd card:
usb interface for pc + usb <-> sd adaptor + sd card(s)

* You must select "ESE-ASPI format" at installing a storage,
and access sd card(s) through usb in your pc.

scsi <-> cf adaptor: http://www.artmix.com (product name:CF PowerMonster II, japanese only)
other adaptors: e.g. http://2nd.geocities.jp/k9412101/tmp/ad.jpg

By kal2

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02-11-2012, 15:23

My document "LAN with MSX" is that right.

I made a null modem connection from msx to the access server(AS-110) with Konamiman's InterNestorLite

And I tried ftp access to Linux server from msx.

By kal2

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15-05-2017, 14:59

Hi, all. I have not seen you for a long time. After the hard work, I was able to complete
wave-scsi's circuit diagram.

(Sorry, both are in Japanese.)

Now, scsi interface for msx has a feeling of being obsolete. But, I think that it is still interesting for
those who make own peripherals for MSX.

If you are still interested in wave-scsi, I would appreciate it if my circuit diagram is helpful.

By hamlet

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15-05-2017, 19:39

Hey kal2. Of course SCSI is obsolete now, but isn´t it MSX in common?
Recently I´m restoring files of an old SCSI drive, to be honest my first one in my MSX history. The drive contains X-tazy and WiOs work in progress and for sure other hidden gems. So thanks for your efforts!

By Pac

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16-05-2017, 16:32

Thank you for your contribution. Any stuff for MSX is always welcome.

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