Hey just visited here and though why not introduce myself ;)

By vincent19

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07-02-2003, 23:20

Hey ,

My name is Vincent and I`m from Holland, i`m 19 years old.
anyway I`ve I`ve bene a big fan of the MSX2 turbo coz my dad bought one at the time and as soon as I was able to walk/crawl I`ve been playing with it... though after I was like 12 or something my msx broke and I miss the darn thing ever since...
I accidenly bumped on this site while searching for my fav. msx game namely SD-SNATCHER.. Ever since I played it I`ve wanted to lpay it agiain in a translated language... it was the first game I played and I`ve completed the game to ! in japanese or chinees dun know anymore though obviously I never actually understood anything from the game untill I`ve download a emulator and played an english version..

Ever since I`ve completed the english version I`ve been hoping for a chance to create/program a sequal... though an unofficial one... unfortuanatly my programming skills don`t go much further the visualbasic,dark Basic and the Ti-83 Calculator... I`m still in the learning stage off learning C++...

anyway I think I`ve been overdoing this introducing stufff so I `ll stop Wink



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By anonymous

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07-02-2003, 23:31

If you know TI-83 assembly language, you're more than halfway of programming the MSX, because both have a Z80 inside.
Still, you can create great games in MSX-BASIC (especially using BASIC-Kun).

By Grauw

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08-02-2003, 00:14

You can link the TI-83 to your MSX, even program for it on MSX! Did you know that? ;p Take a look at my (very old, excuse me for that Smile) homepage at http://grauw.blehq.org/.


By vincent19

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10-02-2003, 19:47

Link a Ti-83 to a msx? hehe sounds cool though I can`t do it coz I don`t have an msx anymore Sad Sad I`m thinking of buying one again ... if I can find one that is...

By Bart

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10-02-2003, 22:08

need an MSX? www.ebay.nl :) Plenty machines overthere :P