A Newb's Hello

By Camyo.Leovice

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23-08-2008, 21:23

Hey everyone!

As a relatively young US citizen, I hadn't even heard of the MSX until I began using the internet. Actually, it was through MSX Radio that I became interested in the system. Great tunes.

The only things I know about the MSX are the amount of franchises that began on the computer system, and what I skimmed in the MSX FAQ. Based on what I've played the games are fun, and maybe someday down the line I'll get my own (if I can afford one!).

I'm not much of a programmer yet, but I've very recently began programming assembly for the 6502, though I can't find a guide that goes slow enough for me. Tongue Hopefully, that won't discourage me from one day programming the Z80!


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By wolf_

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24-08-2008, 15:01

I think a Z80 assembly is quite a bit easier to learn. In any case: welcome to MSX (and to MRC), often labeled 'the best 8-bit machine'.. Tongue