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31-12-2002, 10:39

My real name is Philip, age: 28, Italian passport, Half-Dutch but never (with the exeception of 2 yrs in Holland) lived in either country. Raised in South-Western France, studied partially in the US, worked in the UK and now settled for a very long time (almost 3 years) in Brussels, Belgium.

I am just a MSX user, nothing more. For me, MSX = good remembrances from my youth= good games. Don't ask me anything technical about MSX since I do only know very little. However I know many of the games, systems, and enjoy using all my MSX computers (from the MSX1 to the Turbo-R).

I am also the webmaster of The MSX Games bOX, The MSX Museum bOX and am actively moderating the MSX-xpress & Affiliates Forum (just trying to have some fun - I don't like to be too serious about old stuff nobody cares off).

Voilà - I love the MSX, will keep my sites up & running (the freaking system should be better known), and will always have a MSX close to my TV when I feel I have nothing else to do other than having some great time with a MSX game.


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07-05-2006, 20:46

And now Phil is also webmaster of the French MSX Café and member of the MSXdev'06 jury ! Smile