Photos of my MSX setup

By pacpacfujishima

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30-06-2010, 14:30

Not a setup exactly but gives an idea:

It's a mint MSX2+ I've bought from Rklok shop on Ebay, and bought several cartridges with him too (thumbs up)
I have also a Gradient Expert Plus that I friend donated (but it is in bad shape), and a MSX1 National CF1200 which is the one I use the most.

Oh and also this baby here which has nothing to do with MSX but is quite cool anyway:

As seen in the photo, the Amiga shares the 'experimental' feeling of DIY found also in the MSX community - note the HDD hanging outside - I had it towered once, with graphic card expansion and all, but had to sell the high-end stuff unfortunately. Now I'm focusing more in MSX for my retro gaming collection, the MSX is more practical, and I love the cartridge format ;)

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