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Sort the entries in a directory. Warning: do not use this tool in FAT16 directories.

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Par djh1697

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08-08-2017, 19:00

Is a version available for FAT16?

Par Grauw

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08-08-2017, 19:05

A note, on FAT12 systems the Multi Mente file manager and the Improve defragmenter also have the ability to sort directory entries. These don’t work on FAT16 either.

Par Meits

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08-08-2017, 19:49

I always use Fatsorter on my pc to sort my MSX sd cards. It obviously accepts FAT16 and can sort subdirectories as well. It saves you some waiting as well.

Par sd_snatcher

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09-08-2017, 18:52

Tip: For those running some unix flavour and OS-X, fatsort works like a charm.

Par Grauw

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10-08-2017, 02:18

Oh, nice tip! My Mac likes it Smile. Source code too, some C coder here maybe feels compelled to port...?

Par DarkSchneider

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21-02-2019, 11:26

But be careful, any failure and you have a corrupted filesystem.