Yamaha CX5M demo tape LDR-02

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Par hamlet

Scribe (4105)

Portrait de hamlet

16-12-2021, 17:15

Will sombdy pleaz bann it on video. Just fora lazy penguin like me? Wink

Par Soft Automaton

Resident (51)

Portrait de Soft Automaton

16-12-2021, 18:59

I'll try it out over the holidays if I have time. I do have a video capture card here that should work. it's just not all wired up for it. I have wanted to do it for a little while ...

Par Soft Automaton

Resident (51)

Portrait de Soft Automaton

16-12-2021, 19:00

Fascinating. I'm new to all of this so this is pretty cool if that works, particularly for the more basic set up I have here.

gdx wrote:

I don't know if this is going to be possible with your setup because your MSX doesn't have disk but I'll see if it's possible.

The method is to put a ROM copy tool into a MegaFlashRom, then turn off the MSX, insert it into slot 1 and the ROM to be copied into slot 2. Then just turn on the MSX, the copy tool will ensure the ROM in slot 2 to be ignored at startup. So you can copy the ROM.

I know there are at least two ROM tools to do this. I must find them.

Par tfh

Prophet (3316)

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16-12-2021, 20:14

Grauw wrote:

I have the LDR-02 cartridge too, I just dumped it (also sent to tfh and omega).

Thanks :)
Added it to the Technical/CX5M section :)

Par Manuel

Ascended (19301)

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16-12-2021, 23:21

Thanks all, I made a video of how it runs in openMSX... See https://youtu.be/Kcl6lIgI_Jo

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