How long was your first MSX with you?

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Par hamlet

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17-01-2022, 17:43

Time to bring back some memories. Wink
What was your first MSX and how long did you owned it?
What ever happened to it or is it still with you?

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Par hamlet

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17-01-2022, 17:49

I sold my C64 in 1985 to buy a new HitBit 75P. This was my favourite computer until I got my VG8235 in 1987.
Man, what a deal! At least I didn't regreted it. I always loved the games on the MSX more than the C64 ones - although there wasn't as much but the ones I owned was much better. Finally I gave the HitBit to one of my teachers who has beaten Athletic land on it. That was impressing!

Par Metalion

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17-01-2022, 18:07

My first MSX was a ... Spectravideo SV-328 !! That's what I though anyway, when I bought this computer in June 1984, because some deceitful ads in a french magazine said it was MSX compatible. Long story short, I got the importer to swap it for a Daewoo DPC-200, a real MSX this time, a few months later.

I sold it to my cousin in 1987, when I bought a VG-8235 MSX2.
He bought an Amiga a few years later, and gave the Daewoo back to me.

I still have it with me, although it's been a few years since I powered it on.

Par Briqunullus

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17-01-2022, 18:10

Got a brand new SVI-728 when I was about 10 years old. That must have been 1986. Used it for four years before I got a second hand VG8235/00 that included a Music Module. Upgraded the disk rom, so I could use a 720k drive (that I connected externally to have 2 drives). Over the years I bought myself a 512k memory mapper, a SCC cartridge (F1-Spirit), a Korean FM-PAC and a mouse. All of these machines and expansions are still in my possession today.

Later I also got a few other machines. Sometimes for free, sometimes for cheap. Ultimately sold all of them. Those were in no particular order:
- a SVI-328
- another SVI-728, sold to Wammes Witkop
- another VG8235/20
- a NMS8245, replaced the drive belt and the video ram
- a Yashica YC-64

Par Jipe

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17-01-2022, 18:55

my first MSX a Canon V20 buy in 84 or 85 just added a reset button
he work fine after 38 years for testing MSX1 games Wink
after is an other story HB700 ,8280 , A1-GT and many olders Smile

Par Bas040

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17-01-2022, 19:00

A Philips VG8010 in 1985 and I still have it

Par valkyre

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17-01-2022, 19:06

Toshiba hx-10, still going strong. Had it since December 25th 1985!

Par The Apeman

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17-01-2022, 19:09

My first MSX was a Mitsubishi ML-FX1 and if I turn my head left, right now, it's sitting there. I bought it from my brother around 1988, the money he used to buy a C64. He had originally bought the MSX from a friend of his who needed the money for some running shoes.

Par dumfrog

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17-01-2022, 19:18

My first MSX was a Sony HB-F501F, in 1985, and I still have it. But, well, my real love was the HB-F700F I got two years later... So much colors on screen !!!!!

Par Manuel

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17-01-2022, 20:48

My dad bought a VG 8020/20 in about 1986 and I still have it. Then he bought a Sony HB-G900P in 1993 or so, which I directly expanded a lot. Still have it as well. Then I bought my GT around 2003. Still have it.

Par TheKid

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17-01-2022, 21:45

My first msx was the vg 8020. I saw it at a friend and i wanted it so bad, my parents gave it for my birthday, as long as i did my best at school, that was the deal. I had a black/white tv for at and after a year, my parents bought a new color tv and i got the old one. Wauw, msx in color!

The the same friend from before bought the nms 8280 as one of the first (his dad worked at philips). When i saw that, the diskdrive especially impressed me very much. What a speed compares to tape. So i sold my vg 8020, some birthday money and we went to the philips shop in eindhoven to buy the brand new nms 8245, what a machine, loved it. Fews years later i bought a 266 kram memory expansion and a whole new world opened to me. Playing metal gear on my 8245 and so many others.

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