Trying to contact Sunrise folks

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Par Vampier

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13-01-2011, 02:13

Jolly... another 'Sunrise doesn't give me what I paid for' topic.

Par JohnHassink

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13-01-2011, 02:56

Always good for great fun, huh. Big smile

Seriously, everyone knows that Sunrise does deliver and can be trusted.
Communication and speed of reacting is something that may be worked at just a little bit.

Par cax

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13-01-2011, 06:19

Par hap

Paragon (2036)

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13-01-2011, 08:12

I think it's a bit unfair to go into super sunrise defend mode against an honest guy who's about to give up, and is not knee deep into soapy MSX scene drama like the regulars. Good luck sorting it out, Lazzeri, but please keep personal stuff (like the situation with his father) private. Smile


Par cax

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13-01-2011, 09:14

I personally wanted to make a universal answer to new "sunrise is not answering"-alike topics, so you may just redirect worrying people there.
That's why I created a list, not to defend sunrise.

Par Lazzeri

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13-01-2011, 10:16

Gentlemen, if every experienced people in the forums know that sometimes Sunrise "doesn't give me what I paid for" (direct quote), why do you guys keep suggesting them to the newbies in here? Big smile

Jokes apart, i just got the first indication Rob is "alive" - I´ve sent and email from a different address and just got a reading confirmation. That means last night Rob got (and read) and email for me. Let´s see how it´s unfold.

Thank you all for the ideas and support.

Par lionelritchie

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13-01-2011, 21:42

sunrise is too good for you and too sexy for your money. resign. give up.

Par Lazzeri

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14-01-2011, 00:00

Resistance is futile? Smile

Par tcruise

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14-01-2011, 12:06

I think it would be a good idea for someone and/or a group of people who know Rob personally to discuss with him the possibility of someone taking over (or at least assisting) with the selling and distribution of his MSX products. I personally think some of Sunrise's items are very cool (well talking from a very hardware deprived Aussie's point of view anyway), but the Sunrise website has never been very good, and the forum posts have for a while indicated that Rob's has had other priorities for a while. Which is perfectly understandable, and totally up to him the level of interaction he wants to keep going.
But my main point here is I personally would not like to see the Sunrise products disappear, and also think that it does not do this group/community a service by giving newer members a hard time at obtaining things, especially when they are at their most enthusiastic.
Now obviously I can't be any help (being on the other side of the globe) from the distribution point of view, but surely it should be pretty easy to get a better online ordering setup and work out a way to handle the distribution in a way that would suit the level of commitment that Rob can cope with.

Par Lazzeri

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14-01-2011, 15:44


I've just got an email from Rob where he stated items will be sent next week.

As soon as I get them i'll let you fine gents know.

Thank you all for your help and support, let's hope it all end well soon. Smile

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